Looking to Add an Outdoor Cedar Sauna to your Backyard?

Looking to Add an Outdoor Cedar Sauna to your Backyard

Whether you are looking to add a barrel sauna kit or a traditional outdoor sauna to your backyard, Saunas.com has the sauna materials and information you need!

Please find our 4-step guide below:

1. Location and Power Source

The first two details you need to determine are:

1. Where you are going to place your outdoor cedar sauna?

2. What power source you plan to use?

You need to ensure a firm level ground in which to place your outdoor sauna. You will also need to select electric or gas for your power source. If you choose electric power your sauna will need to contact a licensed electrician; if you choose gas then you will need to contact a licensed HVAC professional and either install a natural gas line connection or you can select a propane fired heater which does not require a power or natural gas line.

2. Choose your Outdoor Cedar Sauna Kit

Choose from one of our best-selling outdoor sauna kits made of Grade A Red Cedar Wood:

Note: Each outdoor kit includes everything you need to build your sauna: premium materials, electric heater, and even optional upgraded accessories.

3. Build a Foundation 

Once you select your outdoor sauna kit, you must create a foundation for it. You can use an existing patio, a concrete slab, cinder blocks, or pour a new concrete foundation. Ensure your foundation is slightly larger than the base of your outdoor sauna kit. 

4. Add your Personal Touch

Customize your sauna with our wide variety of accessories. Select from our traditional wooden sauna accessories to luxury stainless steel and hammered copper accessories. You can also add Himalayan Salt Panels to create your own personal wellness outdoor sauna. 

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