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Himalayan Salt Panels

Himalayan Salt Panels

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Himalayan Salt Panels

Our Himalayan Salt Panels make an excellent addition to your sauna room. They have an aesthetic appeal plus unique functionality that creates both a beautiful look and a relaxing atmosphere in any space imaginable.

  • Made from 100% Authentic Himalayan Salt Block
  • Choose from Pink, Red, or White in Color
  • Available with LED Lighting w/Remote and Effects
  • Proprietary Mounting System for Easy Installation
  • Easily removable for cleaning, maintenance, or repair
  • Panels measure 16"W x 18"H x 1.75" Thickness

Himalayan Salt Panels are extremely popular for use on the interior of a sauna to amplify the various health benefits of sauna bathing. With a sufficient number of panels, you can cover an entire wall of your sauna, or even create your own Himalayan Salt Room. The possibilities are endless and the applications are only limited by your imagination. With the optional LED lighting, the panels feature 16 different colors and the ability to cycle through different effects like a flash, strobe, fade, or smooth. Using your remote control, you can easily create the perfect ambiance of color(s) to suit your mood.

Each Himalayan Salt Wall Panel is composed of six (6) smaller blocks measuring 6" x 8" which are delivered pre-mounted to our proprietary mounting system. Installation is a breeze - see our detailed installation instructions at the link below.


These natural Himalayan salt products may show some irregularities in colors, patterns, and edge shape. Natural salt bricks are not guaranteed to have perfect edges.