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DIY Pre-Cut Sauna Kits

DIY Sauna kits - also known as "Pre-cut Saunas" - are the most complete sauna kits available. You choose the size and style, and we provide everything required to complete the project. Our pre-cut saunas ship with all necessary parts & pieces for the interior/exterior including wood, door, heater, vents, lighting, wiring, and hardware. 

DIY Sauna kits, also known as "Pre-cut Sauna Kits" are the most complete sauna kits on the market. You decide the size and style of your sauna kit, and we provide everything you need to complete the project. All of our pre-cut saunas come with the necessary parts and pieces for the interior/exterior including the wood, door, heater, vents, lighting, wiring, and hardware. 


Scandia Pre-Cut Saunas

Lead time:  1-2 weeks


Avalon Sauna Kit

Lead time:  13 weeks

Polar Sauna Kit

Lead time:  12 weeks

Catalina Sauna Kit

Lead time:  12 weeks

When you purchase one of our pre-cut sauna kits, you'll get everything you need to build your home sauna. From the wood to the hardware and everything in between - it's all included in your package, there are no hidden costs. Every last piece is perfectly cut-to-size, tested for fit, and double-checked for quality control to ensure the construction of your sauna is smooth and seamless.

These DIY sauna kits are available in a variety of popular standard sizes, but we also take custom orders to fit almost any space imaginable. For custom applications, we can change the dimensions to your specific requirements, allowing for more flexibility in regrd to your saunas size, placement, and layout.

We have amazing customer service specialists who are ready and happy to assist you in choosing the perfect pre-cut sauna for your home. Likewise, our expert technicians are available to help you troubleshoot during the setup process if you run into any problems. Each day, more people are learning about the health benefits that regular sauna bathing provides, and we hope you'll be one of them. Get started with your own sauna kit today and begin enjoying a better quality of life - you owe it to yourself.