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  • Aromatherapy has been used as a holistic practice; essential oils have healing properties, each scent carrying its health benefits. When used in the sauna, it is said they help you elevate mental and physical health.

    Sauna Aromatherapy is an excellent way to enhance and elevate your sauna experience, whether you are looking to invigorate, improve your mood, relax, promote a better night's sleep or just ease your mind.

  • Each essential oil is used depending on your health objective.

    The use of essential oils in the sauna has increased its popularity in recent years.

    Add a few drops of your preferred oil in the sauna water bucket, and then pour a ladle over the rocks to generate steam.

    The steam will distribute off the oil's fragrance through the sauna.

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Sauna aromatherapy FAQ

What essential oils are good for a sauna?

There are infinite scents of essential oils; these are the most popular choices due to their health benefits: 


Citrus scents like lemon, grapefruit or orange, provide a refreshing aroma for the sauna. These scents will boost energy and are great for sauna users who have a morning routine. They are not recommended for the evening when they might make you feel more alert than calm. 


If you are looking for a relaxing and calming effect, then lavender is your ideal choice. It is used to calm the mind and the body and is a great way to unwind after a busy workday. It is also a great aid to get a good night's sleep.


They are mainly used to alleviate common cold symptoms, sore throats, and cough. Its minty scent combined with the sauna's heat acts as an excellent decongestant. It is perfect for winter sniffles, allergies, or sinus problems. It also has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties to help heal faster sores and cuts. 

Birch Oil

If you want to reduce joint and muscle pain, birch oil is the answer.

A few drops on your sauna session will help ease the pain and cramps. Other health benefits include fungal and bacterial protection.

Tea Tree

Tea Tree essential oil is excellent for sauna use. It has a refreshing scent and invigorating scent with many health benefits. Its aroma blends well with other uplifting oils; you can use it with peppermint, citrus, or eucalyptus oils.

How much essential oil should I put in a sauna?

If you have a sauna stove that comes with a tray or cup for using essential oils, you should only add a couple of drops. If you don't, fill it with a sauna bucket with clean water, and then add a few drops to it and stir.

You should always start with only a few drops and go from there to not overpower the sauna with the essential oil aroma.

If you are using a sauna bucket, add three or four drops per liter of water.

As the stones get heated, the essential oil will evaporate into the air dispersing the aroma through the sauna.

How do you use aromatherapy in an infrared sauna?

Using sauna aromatherapy in an infrared sauna is different than using it in a traditional sauna. Diffusing and inhaling the essential oil is the best method.

To use aromatherapy safely in an infrared sauna, follow these tips: 

Use a cordless diffuser you can set on the floor of the sauna.You can use a spray bottle, adding one-part distilled water and four drops of the essential oil of your choice.

You can spray it on you or in the sauna.

Put a few drops on a small washcloth and hold the towel close to your face for inhalation during your session.

How to use essential oils for sauna aromatherapy 

Using essential oils for sauna aromatherapy is easy; just dilute a few drops of essential oil (3-4) in water using a sauna bucket and ladle. Don't use essential oils directly on sauna rocks; it can be a fire hazard.

You can use scents to help you relax, breathe easier, or calm your mind. Essential oils can help improve energy and invigorate.

Sauna aromatherapy

Sauna aromatherapy kit
Sauna aromatherapy kit
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