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Why to buy a sauna?

The benefits range from better cardiovascular and brain function to rapid recovery after an intense workout session to alleviating muscle and joint strain due to the effects of chronic illness.

The trend of having a home sauna is catching up with the society in which we live today due to having access to a portable sauna and affordability factors as compared to a couple of years ago. Also, it is fair to say that having one may do wonders to improve one’s health and be a valuable addition to one’s life.

One does need to be mindful when using it regularly, for instance keeping yourself hydrated before a session and speaking to a doctor if you are struggling with a medical condition. However, the sauna’s benefits overpower the disadvantages and with careful use, you can soak in all the good, quite literally.


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Choose between indoor or outdoor

Sauna Heater

A sauna heater is the heart of your sauna.

Sauna Accessories

Sauna accessories for your personal sauna

Prefab saunas

Also known as modular saunas or prebuilt saunas.

These saunas are perfect for spaces that are not so large and do not require special equipment for their installation

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Sauna benefits

The most important sauna benefits are:

  • Saunas improve overall health, wellness, and performance. A sauna session relaxes your body's muscles, promotes blood circulation, and helps the release of have you heard of the "after sauna glow”? Well, that is your skin showing the release of endorphins.
  • They aid in recovery after intense physical It relieves stress from joints and even alleviates pain from arthritis. The heat from the sauna results in increased blood flow that accelerates the body’s natural healing process, for example, minor bruises or cuts.
  • Not only a sauna is one of the great ways to detoxify (see below) the body, but they also improve brain health by improving cognitive brain health.
  • A sauna session is shown to relieve stress and relax you after a long day at work or home. It does that by reducing the stress hormone, cortisol. Sauna bathing reduces the levels of cortisol and stimulates the production of serotonin in the blood.
  • Saunas are capable of helping you get quality sleep by inducing deeper sleep. A gradual decline in endorphins is the key to facilitating a deeper sleep and a sauna session encourages the gradual reduction.
  • Saunas can help fight illness and cleanse the skin. During a sauna session, the heat or steam encourages the production of white blood cells, which are responsible to fight illnesses and aids in killing viruses.


Precut saunas

Also known as prebuilt saunas.

Precut saunas are the most complete sauna kits available. You choose the size and style, and we provide everything required to complete the project.

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Do saunas help you lose weight?

While a sauna does help you lose weight by losing the water weight, water weight is not like losing fat weight. Losing weight just by sitting is a dream come true for everyone! Let us bust this myth. A sauna session promotes the production of sweat as it results in deep sweating. However, it does not help you to lose weight; it only temporarily removes water from the body in the form of sweat. The heat from the sauna bath makes your body sweat and sweating, in turn, can make you lose fluid. It is also important to hydrate yourself after a sauna session as dehydration causes your body to retain water weight which does not help in shedding the extra pounds.

Do saunas detox your body?

Saunas help to flush toxins through the sweating process. When we do not actively work out daily, we do not sweat much daily, but deep sweating has many health benefits including increased blood flow. The deep sweat benefits are possible to achieve through regular sauna sessions. During a sauna bath, the heat causes the core body temperature to increase in turn causing an increased blood circulation with the heat reaching the skin surface. The nervous system stimulates sweat glands which then produce sweat. Sweat reduces all toxins absorbed from just being present, working, and commuting from our homes to our offices, basically by being in our daily environments, for example, lead, copper, zinc, nickel, and mercury.

Sauna accessories for sale

Enhance your sauna look with our selected collection of Sauna Accessories.

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Is sauna good for skin?

The sauna has rejuvenating effects on your skin due to increased blood circulation thanks to the heat. It gives your skin a fresh appearance. Want that “sauna glow from within” that all celebrities rave about? Buy a sauna and get into your sauna now! This is a healthy glow from within - dewy skin with absolutely no need for any foundation or concealer. It also moisturizes the skin by stimulating the production of sebaceous glands in the skin.

Pro-tip for texture-free skin: After the sauna session, use a facial and body scrub to remove dead skin as the relatively dry skin is now softer due to the heat and resulting sweat from the sauna. You may also use an exfoliating toner that contains either AHAs or BHAs or Glycolic acid.

Is a sauna good for arthritis?

Sauna therapy is one of the best ways to alleviate the pain from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. We know that one of the most effective treatment methods for osteoarthritis is getting your body exposed to heat. What is a better way than to sit in the sauna, right? The heat and the sweat resulting from the sauna relax the muscles and soothe the aches/pains in both muscles and joints. During a sauna session, with the high heat provided by a sauna, blood vessels dilate, therefore increasing blood circulation, your body releases endorphins that then can have a "stress-relieving effect". The endorphins then minimize the pain that exists in the joints. Moreover, aids with any muscle soreness. The heat also helps to reduce any muscle tension from day-to-day activities and remove any toxins that may be present in the body.

Sauna lights

These sauna lights allow you to add more functionality and style to your sauna. Sauna lighting tastes are very individualistic.

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Are saunas good for your heart?

Medical research has shown that saunas are beneficial for persons who have a heart condition. Is it true that saunas are as good as exercise for your heart? Well, you cannot outnumber the benefits but this is kind of true. Sitting in a sauna is shown to have beneficial effects on the heart’s cardiovascular system, specifically in older people. It improves overall blood circulation, thereby supporting your body’s cardiovascular functions. Moreover, researchers have found that sauna bathing leads to a reduction in total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol.

Can I do sauna everyday?

It is mostly considered safe to use a sauna every day. However, you should consult with your doctor and take advice if you have any health condition or are just generally concerned. It is safe to suggest that regular use of sauna has positive effects on your cardiovascular health. A quick 20-minute sauna session keeps your heart in good condition.

Everyday sauna session:

  • Little to no alcohol consumption both before and after your sauna.
  • Remember to stay hydrated - drink plenty of water before and after your
  • If you start feeling unwell, leave the sauna
  • For an infrared sauna ensure the door is closed to avoid losing any heat during the session.
  • Keep your feet and body clean before entering the sauna room to avoid any bacteria or dirt accumulation from regular use.
  • Make a habit of cleaning the sauna at least once a month.

Electric Sauna Heater

Electric Sauna Heaters are the best choice for you. It meets the technology and tradition of saunas.

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What are the disadvantages of sauna?

There are numerous health benefits of using a sauna but, as someone said “magic comes with a price, dearie!” and so, with all the benefits there are also some disadvantages of the sauna.

  • Here are a few to keep in mind:
  • Be mindful of sauna burns. Be careful when using the sauna to avoid getting Do not try to come into contact with the heater or the stove for instance, in a wood-burning sauna.
  • Both men and pregnant women need to be careful with high temperatures. The temperature of men’s testicles increases and this hurts the sperm count and will take a few weeks to return to normal levels. Pregnant women could also be vulnerable to abnormalities.
  • Exposure to bacteria and mold if proper hygiene is not maintained while using the sauna and may result in athlete’s foot. Make sure both the sauna and the feet are clean in every session.
  • An infrared sauna loses heat rapidly if the doors are opened frequently during a session and might get heated after a relatively long time.

Wood-Burning Sauna Stove

Wood-burning stoves provide the purest and natural sauna experience through incredibly soft heat, steam, and the calming crackle of a wood-fueled fire.

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How much does it cost to buy a sauna?

When buying a home-based indoor sauna or outdoor sauna, the installation costs between $3,000 to $10,000 on average with quality ones are around $8000. It also depends on the type of sauna and its features like the size, type, and material. The labor cost also needs to be amounted for and varies depending on the assembly techniques e.g. a DIY sauna, the time required for building the sauna, and its installation which costs approximately between $300 to $2,500. Since, the last five years, having a sauna at home is becoming more and more popular due to accessibility and affordability factors as well as the ease of assembling.

It is still a luxury product but is much more accessible to the public internationally than it was a couple of years ago.

Note: Our Canadian customers can now buy sauna in Canada and assemble it themselves here.

Sauna Gas Heater

Considered the finest sauna heater in the world, the Ultra gas sauna heater is made from 100% stainless steel and features an extra-large rock tray that instantly transforms the sauna into a steam sauna.

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Where should you put a sauna in your house?

An excellent place to put a sauna in your home could be a bedroom, a bathroom. Still, it depends on personal preference and the type of saunas (indoor or outdoor). You may position it anywhere inside the house or the backyard, or the garage. It is possible to set a sauna on tile, concrete, carpet, laminate, or even wood. However, it is essential to ensure that it is placed at a level, regardless of its location. Also, adequate drainage should be maintained so that water does not accumulate around the sauna base.

Remember to not place a sauna on grass, gravel, or rock. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Use the right flooring.
  • Try to place it near the pool for a dip
  • Protect the sauna from moisture.
  • Adequate power access.
  • Use our planning guide here.

Do home saunas use a lot of electricity?

As a rule of thumb, a 1000W sauna will use around 1 kWh (1 kilowatt per hour) of electricity if you are using electricity to heat up your sauna. Turn the sauna on for about 15 minutes before you step in so that you can pre-heat it. Adding the 15 - 45 minutes for a session, the total time per session will be for 30 minutes to an hour. In order to calculate the total cost for the sauna usage uses the following method:

Total cost of electricity = a * b

Rate per kilowatt-hour = 10 - 12 cents

where “a” is the energy required by the sauna and “b” is the cost electric company charges for 1 kilowatt per hour.

However, buy sauna to enjoy a healthy escape. You may also find infrared saunas for sale here - electricity cost wise they are affordable to run and will not break the bank.

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