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  • A wood sauna timer can make your sauna much more convenient to use. It alerts you to the time you have spent in the sauna. It also protects you because it can shut off the sauna heater if you fall asleep.

    Some saunas timers are built into the construction, and some are simpler timers just affixed to the wall. There are several factors to consider when choosing a sauna timer.

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Sauna door FAQs

What is a sauna clock?

A sauna clock is a wooden clock made explicitly for your sauna. Its function is to allow you to track your time in the sauna.

You can hang the clock on the wall in your changing room/area visible through the sauna window or glass door or place it inside the sauna. Sauna clocks are specially made to resist high temperatures. You should not worry about it.

Sauna clocks are a fundamental accessory, and any sauna lover should have one to be able to define specific times for your sauna sessions since it has been proven that regular 30-minute sessions are ideal for improving your health.

The best part is that there are several types of sauna timers, so finding one that suits your preferences and needs will be easy in our store.

What types of sauna timers are there?

Sand Sauna Timers

The most traditional low-tech sauna timer for sale option if you don't want an electrical gadget is a sand timer. These timers work the same way as an hourglass.

TheFinnish Traditional wisdom encourages sauna bathers to do several short time sauna sessions rather than sitting in the sauna for just one long-time session. In Finland they use a sand timer, since this is a more relaxing way to keep track of your time inside the sauna without noises or jarring alarms.

Most wooden sauna sand timers are set for a fifteen-minute session, but a clock of up to thirty minutes exists. Its operation is very similar to the conventional hourglass. The sand falls through a funnel from one end to the other when you turn the hourglass upside down, and you just have to wait for the sand to flow out the other side. When the sand has completely fallen to the other side, then you know that the 15 or 30 minutes have passed, depending on the case. The big difference with a conventional hourglass is its ability to withstand high temperatures and that these clocks are fixed to the wall to be able to use them. It's that simple to use.

Mechanical Sauna Timers

Other home sauna owners prefer to use a mechanical timer. They are also very easy to use. You just need to turn the dial to the number of minutes you want your sauna session to last. With this timer, it is easier to set custom times and probably will fit better to you. Once you have turned the dial, it will begin to count down the time and then dial down until an alarm sounds to alert you that the time you have set to be in the sauna has passed. These sauna timers are also a good option to avoid falling asleep inside the sauna as they emit a constant sound.

Electronic Sauna Timers

Just like the mechanic, you can set it to whatever time you want before the alarm goes off. Some models of electronic timers allow you to set separate timers for several people in the sauna. They also allow you to choose the volume and type of alarm that sounds. Some options can even be configured by wifi and see the weather status from your phone (in case you configure a session for someone else since it is not recommended to use the cell phone in a sauna).

Like any electronic device, normal clocks do not work properly in a sauna; usually, the battery burns, and thus the clock mechanism is destroyed, so it is important to choose a good electric clock for the sauna. In the market, you can find many options for electronic clocks, but it is important to choose timers designed to withstand the high temperatures of the sauna.

The type of sauna timer you choose depends on your desire for convenience or simplicity. Of course, if you choose a more technological gadget, comfort comes with a price and a certain amount of maintenance.

Programmable Electronic Sauna Timers

A programmable electronic sauna timer is mainly composed of a touch screen or a screen with its respective keyboard, and this allows you to control the sauna heater.

These sauna clocks are, in a way, smart. So if you buy a programmable electronic timer, you can manage the heat and time of your sauna and set your timer to start heating the sauna before your scheduled sauna session. This feature is very convenient if you are a regular sauna user. On some timers, you can even choose particular days or other times or tell it to turn off the sauna at a specific time every night.

These clocks usually go outside the sauna and can be controlled via Wi-Fi with an application specially designed for their use. They are undoubtedly a good option, but not all saunas or heaters are ready for these smart sauna clocks.

How long is a sauna timer?

A sauna timer typically has a 1-hour duration; however, some models come in 90 or 120-minute settings. The timer allows you to track the length of time you spend inside the sauna.

The sauna's heat can be so relaxing and enjoyable that sometimes you can lose track of time, but if you are using the sauna as part of a relaxation or workout routine, you need a sauna timer.

How does a sauna timer work?

There are mechanical or digital sauna timers; both will let you know how long you have been sitting in the sauna. 

The difference is that some sauna timers turn off the heat once the programmed time has elapsed. (If you program it for 30 minutes, it will shut off automatically after the time has passed.)

And the most basic sauna timers are like an egg-timer (used for cooking) and work just like an egg-timer; they will let you know when the time you programmed has passed but will not shut down the heater.

It doesn't matter if you sit in your sauna for 30.

Is it hard to install a sauna timer?

No, in most cases, you will only need a drill. The installation of the sauna sand timers is straightforward, just drill some holes on the wall and then drive some screws through the already provided holes.

But in the case of the electric sauna timers, they are all different; to prevent accidents you will need an electrician or a sauna expert to install it. Keep in mind that for electric timers, you will need a special type of sauna and a compatible heater with your controller.

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