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  • When choosing your sauna flooring, it is essential to remember to select a safe and comfortable sauna floor. If you choose an inadequate material, it could be dangerous as the wrong floor mat could become slippery with the steam and heat and cause accidents.

    It is also important to note that the materials used shouldn't get so hot that they burn your feet when walking on them, that is why using cedar flooring is a great option. 

    Remember to check that it is a no-slip sauna floor, especially if you choose a non-wood floor option. 

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Sauna floor FAQs

What is the best floor for a sauna?

The best floor for a sauna should be non-slippery and comfortable to the touch. Here are the pros of choosing a wood sauna floor o a sauna mat made from PVC.

Duckboard flooring

• An excellent option if you are looking for high quality, traditional flooringIt complements the natural look of the sauna.

• These floors do not absorb dry dirt like pollen, hair, or dust.

• With proper care, the Duckboard offers high resistance to the test of timeHeat resistant.

• The wood floors are comfortable to walk on.

• Less energy is consumed in manufacturing wooden floors than with any other material.

Sauna Mat Flooring

• More cost-friendlyProvides a modern and minimalist image.

• Antibacterial and mold repellent.

• Low maintenanceIts design lets water drain away quickly.

• vIt can be used in sauna or steam rooms.

• The True-Tile Flooring is Crafted of soft-to-the-foot PVC. The tiles are interlocked and do not slide.

How to install sauna flooring?

The first thing to bear in mind before installing a sauna floor is to have a proper drain. Improper drainage will leave moisture and pooling water to linger, resulting in mold or mildew problems.

The sauna floor should contain a drain with the floor sloped towards the drain to remove excess moisture quickly.

The sauna floor should be waterproof and easy-to-clean surface to make maintenance easy and simple. If it's not finished well, cement floors are cold on the feet and a dirt-trap. The tile is better but still cold on the feet, maintaining grout lines.

Consider that you will need a leveled floor such as a concrete slab that has been previously sealed. If you have chosen Duckboard as your sauna floor, it comes in a series of 1 x 3 inches wooden slats laid out with a 1/2-inch space between sections.

You will only need to lay down the Duckboard sections over your sealed concrete or tiled floor. The sections of the Duckboard are entirely removable to make the cleaning process easier.

If you have chosen a sauna mat, place it above the sealed flooring. 

Does a sauna need a floor drain?

Commercial saunas must have a floor drain to remove excess water and sweat from users and clean. In the case of residential saunas, it is not required to use a drainable floor unless desired for cleaning purposes.

On the other hand, if you intend to clean the sauna floor constantly, it is recommended to use sauna floor mats since their vinyl property makes them more resistant and requires much less maintenance.

On the other hand, if you are interested in using a duckboard sauna, in the traditional way, you can continue washing your floors as if it were any wooden floor for the house, and then use a lubricant to preserve the wood and give it a shine.

How to clean the sauna floor?

Cleaning and maintaining your sauna floor is really simple and easy. Depending on the frequency of the use you gave your home sauna, it is how often you should clean it.

Just follow these recommendations when cleaning your sauna mat or cedar flooring. Before maintaining or cleaning the sauna flooring, ensuring the sauna heater is off is always imperative.

Also, do not use abrasive cleaners, flammable products, steel wool, or any other cleaner that compromises the integrity of the wood.

You can use one part apple cider vinegar and four parts water as a cleaning product. If you only need to dust out the wood floor, we recommend using a broom or a vacuum to sweep any dry debris from the surface of the tiles.

If your sauna has a wooden floor, we recommend using the Scandia Sauna Oil to protect surfaces from wear and tear.

Please remember to not spray down the sauna with a hose or power washer and jump on the floor as it may cause damage to the structure.

Enter the sauna bare feet to maintain cleanliness.

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