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  • A sauna control allows you to control parameters such as humidity, temperature, and extras such as light and sound. Modern control units have a timer function to start the sauna when pre-programmed.
    The control panel provides a modern and subtly stylish interface for controlling the heart of the sauna, be it a traditional electric heater, a gas heater, an infrared radiator, or a steamer.

  • The touch control panel (compact yet with clear touch control) can be surface-mounted in almost any space – sauna room, living room, bathroom, or even the dressing room.

    The sauna control panels show you when the sauna is at the right temperature and humidity for bathing.

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Sauna control panel

Digital sauna controls

Digital control Saunas are ideal for those wanting to perform as little maintenance as possible on their sauna heater.

These controls are designed and built to last a lifetime for the most extreme environments. 

Their technology is easily accessible and therefore easy to maintain. They show how beautiful the combination of original sauna ideas and modern technology can be in impressive fashion.

For example, Finlandia's Xenio is a control unit with a touch control panel. Xenio provides a modern and subtly stylish user interface for controlling the heart of the sauna, the heater.

The stylishly small yet clear touch control panel is easy to install where you want it: in the sauna, the shower room, the dressing room, or even the living room.

The control panel lets you see when your sauna is at the right temperature for you with just one look.

How to connect with a mobile app

Let's use the Finlandia XENIO Wall Touch Screen Sauna Control as an example of how to connect your sauna control with the mobile app (MyHarvia). 

1. Download the mobile app MyHarvia from the app store(Google Play / App Store)

2. Create and register MyHarvia-account.

3. Sign in to your MyHarvia-account.

4. Connecting MyHarvia and Xenio WiFi control panel   

● The first device is installed right after you sign into your account.

● Follow the instructions on the screen.

● Later you can pair new devices by selecting the" + Add new" from the Home menu.

The mobile application allows you to control your sauna control panel remotely. With the app, you can:

● Turn the heater on and off.

● Switch accessories on and off (lights, ventilation).

● Set and monitor the sauna temperature.

● Set and monitor sauna humidity.

● See the heater status information.

● Set a scheduled start.

Manual sauna controls

Manual Sauna Controls are an entry-level sauna heater that is analog technology.

Some sauna heaters are designed to be controlled by a separate mechanical control on an outside wall of the sauna so that the heat from the sauna heater does not come into direct contact with any of the controls.

For example, Finlandia standard controls F1T, and F2T include:The F1T consists of a thermostat, 60-minute timer, light switch, and indicator light.

The F2 control has no 60-minute timer.

Use with FIN or Club heater, proper contactor, and a 24 hr time clock. It is recommended for fitness clubs.

Design of sauna heaters controls

The design of sauna controls plays an essential role in your sauna experience.

Controlling your sauna' temperature, humidity, timing, and comfort will never be a source of stress with sauna control.

Sauna controls are designed and manufactured with the goal of providing years of a dependable, safe, and convenient operation.

Regardless of your heater choice, the sauna controls units let you create your perfect sauna experience for you.

In addition to the mobile app with functionality from anywhere, the digital sauna controls have a modern design and are simple to use.

The glass touch screen provides a stylish and highly flexible option for the contemporary sauna owner.

The control operates time, temperature, lighting (some models even include color lighting or chromotherapy).

Technology of sauna controls

Sauna control units fit harmoniously into any sauna model with their elegant, flat design.

The technology is easily accessible and easy to maintain in all control units.

They show how beautiful the combination of original sauna ideas and modern technology can be in impressive fashion.

Thanks to the touch display and intuitive user interface, the operation of your home sauna control units is effortless, despite their sophisticated electronics.

These control units also offer a custom setting and several standard programs for your sauna.

Also, a pre-warming option makes it possible to come home to a perfectly heated sauna.

Sauna controllers

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Wifi sauna control
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