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Wooden Lounge Reclined Sauna Chair

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Our new slatted wooden lounge chair (made of pine) is great for extra Sauna relaxation.  Place the chair on the Sauna bench and attach the wooden rack to the Sauna wall with screws.  The contoured backrest has seven height adjustment levels and is 16" wide x 38" long, while the seat is 14" wide x 21 3/4 long.  The chair comes in 3 sections--premade backrest, wall mounting rack, and seat.  The minimum chair length from the wall is 41 1/2".  The maximum length is 55".

How to install the Reclined Sauna Chair

Installing the reclined sauna chair is effortless. Just place the sauna chair on your sauna bench, then attach the wooden rack to the sauna wall with screws.
Finally, enjoy your sauna experience. with different height adjustments.


The ergonomic design of this wooden chair will give a unique style to your sauna, plus the color of the wood will not disturb your eyes and make your sauna experience complete contact with nature.


This Wood Sauna Chair is entirely washable with just warm water and organic, chemical-free detergent.

Tips for use

Remember that you can fold this sauna chair not to take up too much space when not in use or when you want to lie down in your sauna.
If the contact with the wood is a little hard for you, you can put a soft towel on top of the chair.
For an even more pleasant feeling, we advise you to buy a sauna pillow so that your neck and head find a position of complete relaxation.
Last but not least, to avoid accidents, before you sit down, make sure that the chair is securely attached to the rack.


  • Seven height adjustments are available
  • Minimum chair wall length: 41 1/2"
  • Maximum chair wall length: 55"
  • Contoured backrest dimensions 16" W x 38" H
  • Seat dimensions: 14" W x 21 3/4 H