Sauna Rocks

Sauna Rocks are offered in a variety of colors and textures, allowing you to further customize your sauna to fit your specific style/needs. Sauna Rocks play a very important role for your sauna as they absorb and keep in heat. Sauna Rocks should be placed in the rock track of your sauna heater and should fully cover the tray at least one layer deep. Sauna Rocks are designed to have water poured over them once the heater has reached a minimum temp of 165 degrees in order to immediately raise the ambient temperature and temporarily raise the humidity of your sauna room. Additionally, once your sauna heater is turned off, the rocks will help keep the room hot. The advantage is that you can maintain the sauna at a certain temperature, and save energy at the same time. Sauna Rocks can also be placed through-out your sauna and/or landscape area in order to further enhance the natural beauty of your space. Sauna Rocks can be placed under your heater, under your benches, outside your outdoor sauna, etc.

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