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Sauna Hangers

Sauna hangers are a must-have accessory for your home sauna; you will be grateful to have a beautiful piece of wood where you can hang your towels and bathrobe.

The sauna hangers are hand-crafted with a solid construction designed to hold heavy items. Choose between a two peg wood hanger and a four peg wood hanger.

Having your very own home sauna gives you the freedom to customize it the way you want! Take your sauna experience to the next level with sauna accessories;

You can choose to buy the traditional bucket and ladle, sauna aromatherapy, doors, timers, thermometers, pillows, chairs, headrest, and many more.

All the sauna accessories for sale, including the grade A cedar wood sauna hangers, are available with free shipping across the US and Canada.


Sauna Hangers are made with grade A cedar wood, the wood of choice for saunas. Red cedar doesn't secrete resin or overheat. It is water repellent, an excellent insulator that heats and cools down the sauna faster, and is highly resistant to fungus and decay.

Red Cedar wood, or Thuja plicata as it is known scientifically, comes from a very tall tree with a height ranging from 210 to 230 ft and 10 to 23 ft in trunk diameter. The soft red-brown timber has a straight grain and a few knots.

On top of that, it also has an exquisite reddish color with a vibrant aroma.
Sauna accessories made from red cedar wood are guaranteed to endure high use and look perfect for a prolonged time. It is a more costly investment, but we assure you it's worth the money.


The beautiful hand-crafted sauna hangers have a traditional style that will surely match your sauna. If there's one way to add warmth and character to your home sauna, it has to be through the use of cedar wood with its natural textural qualities.

And there is no better way to introduce it but in the form of useful accessories that have been lovingly handmade by very skilled and passionate craftsmen. The attention to detail is evident in every wood sauna hanger, definitely, a must-have, high-quality, and beautifully designed sauna accessory.

How to install

Installing a sauna hanger is very easy and doesn't take long. When you receive your sauna hanger from saunas.com, unbox your hand-crafted wood hanger and remove the protecting wrap.

Choose the place where you wish to install it; you can choose an exterior wall of the sauna or even place it in other spaces of your home, like a bathroom or the house entrance.

Once you have chosen the ideal place, screw the sauna hanger to the wall, following the instructions of the hanger model you purchased. Finally, prepare yourself for your sauna session and enjoy your new sauna hanger. Continue to enhance your sauna experience with the wide range of accessories available at saunas.com.