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Scandia Manufacturing

Scandia Sauna Headrest

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The sauna headrest is an essential accessory for your relaxation. As you know, the sauna seat is not ergonomic, so your neck will not be in a comfortable position when you lie down. In the long run, the incorrect position of the neck and head can cause severe pain, which may discourage you from using the sauna or not allow you to enjoy a whole and relaxing sauna experience. Scandia comes into play with its head support made entirely of cedarwood.

Grade A red cedar sauna wood

As we have mentioned, this sauna headrest is made from the same material as your sauna, grade A red cedarwood. The highest quality wood guarantees an incredible resistance to this product. We also remind you that cedarwood is highly resistant to humidity and heat, so it is the perfect accessory for your sauna.



The dimensions of this sauna headrest are 10 1/2″W x 15 1/2″H. It means it fits perfectly on the seat of any sauna and is large enough to find the most comfortable position for you.



The scandia sauna headrest comes already assembled and ready to use. You can easily install it on your sauna seat and use it as a head and neck support when lying down or as lumbar support when sitting.



The style of this sauna headrest will perfectly match your sauna, giving it a touch of class. The wood's warm color will provide you with a feeling of contact with nature. Also, the position of the panels separated from each other offers optimal ventilation for your neck and head.



Scandia Sauna Headrest is utterly washable with warm water and organic, chemical-free detergent.


Tip for use

For greater comfort, we recommend that you complete the headrest with a sauna pillow, which you can find here. Another good option is to use a folded towel, but obviously, you will not have the same feeling of relaxation that a pillow can provide.



10 1/2″W x 15 1/2″H