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  • Why are Barrel Sauna Kits so popular

    This week Scandia Manufacturing launched a new outdoor modular sauna collection: Classic & Canopy barrel saunas. Barrel is the ultimate shape for any sauna, they perform great in colder climates and occupy less space to be heated when compared to regular outdoor saunas. Its cylindrical shape allows for continuous air circulation. Since Covid19, this outdoor sauna has become very popular, and here's a list of why people love this perf...
  • Looking to Add an Outdoor Cedar Sauna to your Backyard?

    Whether you are looking to add a barrel sauna kit or a traditional outdoor sauna to your backyard, has the sauna materials and information you need! Please find our 4-step guide below: 1. Location and Power Source The first two details you need to determine are: 1. Where you are going to place your outdoor cedar sauna? 2. What power source you plan to use? You need to ensure a firm level ground in which to place your out...
  • Everything You Need to Know About Saunas and COVID-19

    With no cure for COVID-19, there’s ongoing debate in the wellness industry about interventions which can strengthen the immune systems of those who want to take steps to avoid it, and also solutions that can potentially help support people with the virus. Sauna use is one of the most widely discussed methods.Dr. Marc Cohen, an integrative medicine expert; Risto Elomaa, president of the International Sauna Association (ISA); and Dr. Karl-Lud...
  • Different Types of Sauna Sessions

    Experienced sauna connoisseurs know that there are many different types of sauna sessions. If you'd like to know more about this, you need to keep reading!   1. French This is a very popular sauna session which you can have any time from 5am to 7am. It consists of gentle exhalation, and we inhale as much warm air as we can and hold it for 10 seconds before exhaling. We alternate this activity with rest of the five minutes which generally tak...
  • How Sauna Use Improves Immune System Function?

    Increase your ability to fight of illness by regularly hitting the sauna.
  • The Ultimate Sauna Heater Guide

    Electric.... Maybe wood burning?  What about gas? We are ready to answer all your sauna heater questions so that you can quit researching and start sweating!  Hooray! You’ve decided to get a sauna. Congratulations, you are on your way to pure relaxation and innumerable health benefits. But here comes the real question: what type of heater do you need? We are here to break down not only what types of sauna heaters are available, b...
  • How COVID-19 Has Redefined Wellness

    Has this global pandemic redefined how we perceive "wellness"?
  • Cognitive and Mental Health Benefits of Saunas

    Sauna use not only improves cardiac function, but has strong benefits for lasting brain health.
  • Differences Between Saunas and. Steam Rooms

    Sauna or Steam Room? Ever wonder what the difference is and which one to choose when offered both?
  • Can Saunas Cure a Cold?

    With cooler weather comes the common cold. Does hitting the sauna help or harm your recovery?
  • How Steam Baths Can Help Alleviate Seasonal Allergies

    Itchy eyes, nose, and throat? A steam shower might be the perfect remedy for those pesky seasonal allergies.
  • Do Saunas Decrease Blood Pressure?

    Hypertension affects millions of Americans. Regular sauna use can improve cardiac function and lower risk of hypertension over time.