Why a Precut Sauna?

Precut saunas have virtually unlimited customization options. You can build your dream sauna by choosing the type of wood, door, flooring, board run, benches, lights, and more. Choose the pieces, and we'll deliver everything you need to build your sauna.

  • Choose Your Heater

    Choose between an electric, gas, or wood-burning heater as the heart of your sauna.

  • Assured Quality

    Here, at saunas.com, we make sure every sauna we distribute is made from the highest quality materials to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

  • Customization

    We offer a free 3D preview of your final project. If you feel indecisive about the wood, color, benches, door, size, or more, seeing the renders of your desired sauna will make it much easier to choose.


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FAQ Precut Saunas

What is a Precut Sauna?

Precut saunas are kits that include all the necessary parts to build an indoor sauna, from the wood to the tools and hardware.

Precut saunas are custom-made kits to transform any room you choose into a home sauna. They provide a level of sophistication and next-level luxury that a prefab can't. 

What does a precut sauna include?

Sauna kits are fully personalized and vary depending on the size, features, and upgrades you choose.

Let's use the Interior Home Sauna Kit - Scandia Himalayan Salt as an example. This sauna's size can range from 36" D X 48" W X 84" HA to 60" D X 72" W X 84" HA and will include the following:

• Sized to fit 1-3 people

• Ranging in size: 36"D x 48"W x 84"H to 60"D x 72"W x 84"H

·• A two-tier bench on one wall and a single-tier bench on the other wall (depending on size)

• 16"W x 18"H Salt Panels (LED or Non LED)

• 7/16 "D x 6 "W Spanish Cedar Tongue and Groove panels for all Walls and Ceiling (Vertical Installation) (Alaskan Yellow Cedar T&G is7/16 "D x 3 "W)

• 1" D x 4 "W Spanish Cedar Benches & Supports

• Matching Trim for Ceiling, Corners, and Base

• A Stainless Steel Scandia Heater with External Controls

• Pre-Hung Solid-Core Spanish Cedar Door w/ glass vision panel

• Spanish Cedar Bench Skirts

• Sauna Mat Flooring for walking areas (Does not cover under benches)

• FSK Vapor Barrier

• Vapor Proof Wall Light

• Deluxe Wall Thermometer/Hygrometer

• Wooden Bucket and Wooden Ladle

• Hardware for assembly

• Euro-trim design

Please note that the room must be prepared and ready with the specifications provided before sauna installation (studding, insulation, and plywood for attaching paneling.)

What is required to set up a precut saunas?

You must prepare your sauna room before installation. (that includes: flooring, studding, insulation, and paneling.)


The sauna floor needs a waterproof surface. Do not slope the floor. (We don't recommend putting a drain in the sauna.)

Studding Stud:

The walls must create an interior dimension 1.5" Bigger than what is shown on the layout. this is to account for the Plywood. The ceiling should be 96 ¾" inches from concrete to stud. The rough opening should be 38 "X 82" for our standard cedar doors and 38.5" x 85" for our full glass doors.


Insulation is necessary to retain the heat inside a sauna. We recommend applying R13 insulation in the walls and R19 to the ceiling.


Ventilation will help the sauna have a steady clean airflow. The lower vent brings clean and fresh air, and the upper vent releases stale air.

Fire Sprinkler:

Some states require a fire safety sprinkler rated at 286° f. Choose a good location for the sprinkler (consult a professional in your area before installing.)


Fasten 3/4" plywood to all walls and ceiling. Be sure to cut recommended holes in the plywood for the electrical, fire sprinkler, and ventilation requirements.

What materials do I need for a precut sauna?

Precut Sauna Kits will include all the necessary materials you need for the interior of your sauna. Materials required will vary according to your specific needs, selected features, and accessories.

With a pre-cut kit, you can transform any room in your house into a home sauna at an affordable price. All sauna wood material shipped is pre-cut and ready to nail to your stud frame.

Can I customize a precut sauna?

Pre-cut sauna kits are fully customizable. You pick the size, materials, and design, and we send everything you need to transform your room into a relaxing at-home sauna.

Here we list some things that should be considered when customizing or ordering a pre-cut sauna:


How many people do you want the sauna to fit? The size will make the needed materials and the price of your sauna vary.

Type of wood: 

You will be able to pick between three types of wood: Cedar Wood, Hand-Finished Ivory White, or Black.

Board run: 

Do you want vertically run boards, horizontally run boards, horizontally run boards with Euro-Trim? The way you set up your sauna boards will drastically affect their look, so make sure you know which one is of your liking before ordering that beautiful sauna.


Our sauna kits offer two different types of doors; you can choose between wood or glass doors.


Do you know the type of ambience you want? Different types of lighting will affect the mood of your sessions and should not be taken "lightly". You can choose between our Oval sauna light, cedar wall sconce, or Himalayan Salt Sconce.


Tru-tile or duckboard.

Sauna Heater:

Gas, Electric or Wood-Burning stove?

We offer three different types of heaters, and you must be aware of their differences.

The gas heater's up-front price is usually higher when compared to the other two, but they make up for it in the long run, as propane is cheaper than electricity.

Electric heaters are an excellent option for people that want to flick a switch on and enjoy a relaxing sauna bath. Although gas heaters seem to be the better option if we speak "bang for your buck," it's not necessarily true. On average, a 4.5 kW heater will only cost $0.31 (USD) for every 20-minute session; that's only $60.48 a year (assuming you use it four times a week).

Wood-burning stoves offer the most natural sauna experiences overall. Traditionally wood-burning heaters have been used for thousands of years in Finland and other nearby regions, and with good reason. No one can deny that the calming crackle of a wood-fueled fire is irresistible.

Can I add Himalayan Salt Panels to a precut sauna?

Himalayan Salt Panels are the icing on the cake. Chromatherapy is a must if you want to have the most comfortable experiences in a sauna. Many sauna enthusiasts mention how a deep-sweat sauna session under a Himalayan Salt Panel has helped with anxiety and stress levels.

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