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Precut Sauna Kits

Precut saunas are custom-made kits to transform any room you choose into a home sauna. They provide a level of sophistication and next-level luxury that a prefab can't. When customizing a precut sauna, the possibilities are endless; build your dream sauna choosing the type of wood, door, flooring, board run, benches, heater, lights, and more accessories. 

Precut saunas are permanent installations that will add value to your home or business over time.  We love working with homeowners to create a perfect one-of-a-kind sauna. A professional installer should install the precut sauna kits. 
The selected room for the sauna must be prepared ahead of the installation, including studding, insulation, and 3/4"plywood for attaching paneling. 
Precut sauna kits are designed and manufactured depending on the client's preferences.
Each precut sauna kit contains all the parts needed to build an in-home sauna. These kits include all interior walls & ceiling, pre-hung door, door trims, benches, door handles, bench supports, duckboard or tru-tile for the walking area, interior crown, and baseboard moldings, and a gas or electric heater with wifi controller.
These sauna kits are designed for the do-it-yourselfer with excellent woodworking skills and an understanding of basic carpentry or a professional installer.
A complete sauna can be installed in a maximum of two days by our professional installers.

What do our precut saunas include?

The items that come with a precut sauna will depend on the size, features, and upgrades you choose. Let's use the Catalina Indoor Pre-Cut Sauna for 4-8 People as an example.

Please note that the room must be prepared and ready with the provided specifications ahead of sauna installation; studding, insulation, and plywood for attaching paneling.

Sizes available: 48"D x 96"W x 84"H to 84"D x 108"W x 84"H

A precut sauna includes:
   ● 1" x 4" Western Red Cedar Boards for walls and ceiling
   ● 2" x 2" Western Red Cedar Benchtops
   ● Matching Trim for Ceiling
   ● Heater Guard Rail
   ● Pre-Hung Douglas Fir Door w/ tinted 16" x 60" glass window
   ● 3-Slat Backrests for Upper Benches
   ● Cedar Bench Skirt between Bottom & Top Benches
   ● Tan Superdek Flooring or Walking Area (Does not cover under benches)
   ● Shell Style Wall Light and Light Switch
   ● Sand Timer

Sauna layout
Let's see another example of a precut sauna by Scandia Manufacturing
This precut sauna for eight people includes:

   ● Pre-Cut Western Red Cedar sauna walls and ceiling.
   ● Full upper and lower sauna benches.
   ● Removable Tru-Tile vinyl sauna flooring.
   ● Standard 24″ insulated sauna door with window.
   ● 100% stainless steel sauna heater, electric or gas.
   ● Sauna heater guardrail.
   ● Sauna thermometer, wooden sauna bucket, and ladle
   ● Sauna lights
   ● Aluminum foil vapor barrier.

What is required to set up our precut saunas?

The selected room for the sauna must be prepared ahead of the installation, including flooring, studding, insulation, and paneling.

The sauna floor needs to waterproof surface. Do not slope the floor. We don't recommend putting a drain in the sauna.

Studding Stud
The walls out to create an interior dimension 1.5" Bigger than what is shown on the layout. this is to account for the Plywood. The ceiling should be 96 ¾" inches from concrete to stud.
Stud the door rough opening to be 38 "X 82" for our standard cedar door. For a full glass door, the rough opening should be 38.5" x 85"

Insulation: Insulation is necessary to retain the heat inside a sauna. Provide R13 insulation in the walls and R19 in the ceiling.

Electrical Connections

Heater and Control Box
The heater is the heart of the sauna. If the heater is not connected correctly, the sauna will struggle to maintain a consistently high tempera

Electrical Heater
The heaters need high voltage power. All electrical connections and conduits need to be handled by a certified electrician. The heater is built to run off the power you have supplied to the room so that you can choose 240V or 208V. 1 or 3 phase.
Gas Heaters
We recommend consulting an HVAC specialist when using a gas heater.

Sauna Light
Whether standard or upgraded; the sauna light will need a box either on a wall near the ceiling or on the ceiling itself. Consider putting a switch in this circuit to control the sauna light easily. A certified electrician should terminate electrical connections.

A) Depending on the model of the sauna, a vent will be placed that will provide fresh air to the interior.
B) The door will be undercut by 1 "to provide exhaust ventilation.

Fire Sprinkler
A fire safety sprinkler rated at 286° f is required in some states. Choose a location for this and consult a professional from your area before installing.

Fasten 3/4" plywood to all walls and ceiling. Be sure to cut recommended holes in the plywood for the electrical, fire sprinkler, and ventilation requirements.


Precut Sauna Kits includes all the materials you need for the interior of your sauna. It is designed and manufactured to fit into the rough opening (length x width x height, Stud to Stud) according to your specific needs, selected features, accessories, and materials.

With a precut, you can transform any room in your house into a home sauna at an affordable price.

All sauna wood material shipped is precut and ready to nail to your stud frame. Benches are sent long to be cut in the field to fit. To trim a bench length, remove the end cross brace, cut the remaining boards to the desired size, and then reattach the end cross brace to the new one.
Sauna parts


The best thing about buying a precut sauna kit is the customization options you have:

Sizing: How many people will fit into the sauna.
Type of wood: Cedar Wood, Hand-Finished Ivory White or Black.
Board run: Vertically Run Board, Horizontally Run Boards, Horizontally Run Boards with Euro-Trim.
Door: Wood doors or GlassDoor.
Lighting: Oval sauna light, cedar wall sconce, and/ or Himalayan Salt Sconce.
Flooring: Tru-tile or duckboard.
Heater: Gas, Electric Heater or Wood Burning.
Himalayan Salt Panels: You have the option to convert your precut sauna into a Himalayan Salt Sauna.

On offers a wide range of standard sizes for precut saunas and custom sizing. For custom sizing, provide your specific dimensions, and we will help create your perfect precut sauna. You tell us what you want; we'll make it happen. Please feel free to contact our team of experts to guide you through the process if you have any doubts or concerns.
Precut saunas are the most complete sauna kits available. You choose the size and style, and we provide everything required to complete the project. Our pre-cut saunas ship with all necessary parts & pieces for the interior/exterior including wood, door, heater, vents, lighting, wiring, and hardware.