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Sand timer for sale
Sand timer for sale
Yellow sandglass
15 minutes timer

Sandglass: Sauna Sand 15 Minute Timer

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Sauna sand timers are the most traditional model on sale; this sauna timer is elegant and straightforward. It will give a unique touch to your sauna. This sauna clock can help you keep track of your sauna sessions or help you know how long it has been since you entered the sauna. This type of timer is 15 minutes. This watch has the peculiarity of having yellow sand, which gives a vibrant touch to your sauna.



Fix the sand timer to the wall in a comfortable position for use, measure the length well so that it does not collide with other elements or accessories that you have in your sauna. Once the back of the watch is attached, you just need to turn it to make the sand start to fall. Keep it at a distance of 1 meter from your heater to prevent the glass from getting too hot and you could burn yourself.



  • Dimensions: 11 3/4" x 2 3/4"
  • Materials: Wood and glass
  • Sand color: Yellow
  • Timer: 15 Minutes



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