Sauna-Fresh Set of 5 Aromas - Cedar Holder
Sauna-Fresh Set of 5 Aromas - Cedar Holder



Set of (5) 1.8oz Essence Oils

Deluxe Cedar Holder

Pure Essence Oils (not diluted)


Five-Aroma Deluxe set:
- Eucalyptus
- Cherry
- Spruce
- Nordic Birch
- Fir Tree
1.8oz of pure, undiluted essence oil, each

For use in the Sauna with our convenient Sauna FountainPlace this sauna fountain on your sauna heater rocks, place some of your aroma in the fountain, and enjoy the wonderful smells in your sauna.

Dilute in water before use - do not dispense entire contents at once; merely a drop in your dispenser will do the job!


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