Sauna Rocks

Sauna Rocks are offered in a variety of colors and textures, allowing you to further customize your sauna to fit your specific style & needs.

Buckets & Ladles

Make your sauna stand out with our buckets and ladles. Simply add water onto your sauna rocks for a steam exerpeience.


Add comfort and style to your sauna with our wide variety of pillows.

Towel Hangers

These beautifully hand-crafted towel hangers are sure to add an authentic touch to your sauna.

Timers & Hygrometers

A hygrometer/thermometer & timer are a necessary accessory in the sauna room. These products will help you create the perfect sauna bathing sessions.


Enhance your sauna experience with Aromatherapy. Add a few drops into your sauna bucket and ladle your water onto your sauna rocks. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the pleasant fragrances.


Choose the sauna flooring that best suits your needs!We offer Cedar Duck Board or Interlocking PVC flooring.


These sauna lights will add more functionality and style to your sauna!We offer a variety of sauna lights and shades.

Wood Care

Regular use of Sauna Oil will enhance your sauna experience through the restoration of the wood's original aroma as well as extend the life of your sauna by increasing its resistance to pests and mildew.