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Saunas have a history of inducing relaxation in humans. Once only a Nordic tradition is now popular in regions around the world. For example, “sauna en Canada” is a popular google search query. Today, we have more home sauna variants than ever in the market. Scandia’s barrel saunas are one of the most innovative designs in the sauna industry. Their cylindrical shape allows rapid convection as the heat is circulated upside down. Not only do these outdoor barrel saunas offer an affordable way to add a touch of creativity to your backyard design, but they also do not require much maintenance.

Besides their innovative design, both the Barrel Sauna Kit with Canopy and Classic Barrel Sauna Kit complement state of the art technology with a touch of warmth. The full glass door and a WiFi heater controller only make it irresistible.
The features include:
● Size available from 72"W x 47"D x 77"H to 84"W x 96"D x 77"H.
● It is possible to size it to fit from 2 to 8 people.
● Upgrades are available to include full glass doors and/or a gas heating unit. All barrel sauna models include the Wi-Fi heater controller.

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Barrel Sauna

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Are barrel saunas kits any good?

The real question when it comes to having a sauna is, are barrel saunas any good? Team truth is that there is a lot of good that we are talking about here!

● For starters, it mostly has a super simple DIY style assembly. Barrel saunas are of innovative designs and no cutting or assembly is needed to put them together. Due to this, it is also shipped easily. As barrel saunas are shipped unassembled the nationwide delivery times can be as quick as 3 business days.

● Cramped space inside the house? Well with barrel saunas you do not necessarily require space inside the house. You may use your backyard as a dedicated space for the sauna experience. Since, barrel saunas are possible to assemble anywhere, having them in the backyard comes with the promise of fresh air and being close to nature in between your sauna sessions.

How much does an outdoor barrel sauna cost?

An outdoor barrel sauna may cost anywhere between $2500 to $18000 but most good-quality barrel sauna kits are around $8000. However, it is possible to find excellent deals on barrel sauna kits. While you may want to consider buying infrared sauna blankets as a relaxation tool in your self-care tool kit, they cannot replace the barrel sauna experience. Both our Barrel Sauna Kit with Canopy and Classic Barrel Sauna Kit start at an affordable price of $7950. Here are a few tips to consider for a smarter purchase:
  • ● Pro Tip 1: Find your barrel sauna flooring here.
  • ● Pro Tip 2: Find your barrel sauna heating here.
  • ● Pro Tip 3: See if there are any additional discounts available. It is definitely worth it to keep an eye out for seasonal deals on Black Friday, Columbus Day, Easter, or similar days.
  • ● Pro Tip 4: If you are setting up your sauna in the backyard, it is important to invest in a sauna that comes with a good-quality roof kit especially if you are living in a wet climate.
  • ●Pro Tip 5: You may prefer other portable saunas, which have a lot of the benefits of a barrel sauna, but come with other features. Check them out here

Do barrel saunas work in winter?

You may know that barrel saunas can operate exceptionally well in climates where it does not get below freezing temperatures. What you may not know is that barrel saunas are also able to operate in climates that experience more snowfall. The reason for that is that the snow acts as exterior insulation. If in warmer temperatures you are using a tempo of 10 to 15 minutes in a session then in winters the suggested tempo of a sauna session is to heat up for 20 to 25 minutes inside. You may then prefer to cool down outside of the sauna like a true Finnish by hopping into the shower or jumping into a nearby lake. There are a few things to consider which will make your winter sauna experience worth while:

● The size of the sauna should be appropriate. It should not be too small but, it should not be too big also. Do consider how you will use the sauna, with how many people and how much space you have to work with.
● The type of heater should be well thought out. Again, this depends on how you will be using the sauna. For instance, electric heaters are ideal for smaller saunas as they are unable to handle the heat from a wood stove heater. Infrared saunas lose heat rather quickly when compared to a wood stove heater. Bottom line, do your research to maximize the results of your home sauna in winters.

How do you maintain a barrel sauna?

Here are few tips to maintain a barrel sauna

● Always clean your feet before using the sauna. If possible, have your guests shower prior to using it. You do not want any dirt in there!
● Do not leave wet towels inside the home sauna to avoid sweat stains!
● Wipe the wood to get rid of any extra moisture after use.
● Leave the door open for a few hours after use for fully drying the interior.
● Interior cleaning once a month is recommended when using it regularly. For the exterior, only clean it when necessary.
● As you clean the sauna keep it off and use chemical-free products with warm water to avoid wood damage. You must never use chemical sealants or protectants inside as these are harmful to health!
● Stain only when needed.
● Address water seepage/leakage immediately.
● Contact us if you need replacement parts

Can you put a barrel sauna kit in a garage?

Yes, you can absolutely place the barrel sauna in your garage. The benefit of this is that in the winter months, it might take longer for a barrel sauna to heat up fully in a relatively colder location as a backyard. Although a garage is also an uninsulated location, it is mostly a more covered space than the backyard so, the outdoor sauna will be heated up relatively quickly. Infrared barrel saunas are also possible to be placed in the garage. Infrared light is like the heat of the sun. However, for an infrared barrel sauna, it is important to make sure the door is not opened too many times during a sauna session as that will make it lose heat relatively faster.
Here are a few tips for use:
  • ● Install a Himalayan salt wall or a LED light bar for ambiance.
    ● Turn a small area inside the home sauna as a changing room. This will prevent any dust which is possible to enter from the garage area when guests enter on foot.
    ● Prepare the floor of the garage for the barrel sauna.
    ● Install correctly so your home sauna is not a fire hazard. Pay special attention to the wiring.

Why are outdoor barrel saunas kits better?

Now, you may think why are these outdoor barrel saunas better? Barrel saunas present a lot of unconventional benefits that indoor saunas do not have. As they are constructed entirely outside, there are no limitations on what you as a sauna owner can possibly do with them. One, outdoor saunas offer a creative way of adding an element of self-care to your backyard layout. Two, they also add property value because having one is an immensely impressive addition to the property. Three, relative to indoor saunas, they are so much easier to ventilate and drain, which is exactly why both old and new sauna owners fall in love with them almost immediately! Last but not least, when you do not have enough space inside your home and believe that you would want to do so much more with a sauna than once in two months sitting in it, an outdoor installation is an absolutely right decision. Bonus feature, the barrel shape in this sauna allows it to efficiently use the space and facilitate rapid convection to heat up the sauna very evenly in a short span of time. With all that said, we encourage you to use your imagination, because with this sauna you can have all the possible features you want by building it to the size that you really want with our electric or gas heaters.