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Avalon Portable Outdoor Sauna

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Avalon Portable Outdoor Sauna

At, you can easily find an amazing collection of Avalon Modular Indoor saunas that are a perfect option if you're looking for an economically priced portable sauna. These saunas will not feature the upgraded accessories or the Western Red Cedar exterior wood that the Catalina series have.

Modular saunas are also known as Portable saunas. These free-standing and insulated units can be easily moved from one room to another. and must be placed on a leveled floor of concrete, tile, or brick. All dimensions represent OUTSIDE dimensions.


Avalon Portable Outdoor Sauna ranging in size:48"D x 48"W x 84"Hto 96"D x 96"W x 86"H

Finished height with Roof Kit is 102" & has 6" of overhang on the back and side walls and 12" on the front

Avalon Portable Outdoor Sauna Kit also includes: Custom electrical, stainless steel door hinges, wet location light switch, glass for door/ and windows is sealed

The roof package includes wood plates, prefab rafters, nailers, facing, metal flashing, cedar shingles, ridge cap, and nails. It does require you to piece it together.

Call 1-888-503-8157 for Custom Orders


Heater Information:

  • AM44: Red FLB30 (3.0KW Heater - 240V/1P)
  • AM46: Red FLB45 (4.5KW Heater - 240V/1P)
  • AM56-66: Red FLB60 (6.0KW Heater - 240V/1P)
  • AM68 & AM88: Red FLB80 (8.0KW Heater - 240V/1P)