The History of the Steam Room

The History of the Steam Room

Ancient Thermae Bath in England

A steam room is a small room that contains steam used to detoxify and clean your body. Steam rooms had existing since ancient Greeks and Romans, who practice steam bathing as a tradition.

Ancient Roman Bath Houses

The ancient Roman steam bathing tradition began during the height of the Roman Empire. Roman used to use public baths on a daily basis. It was a socio-economic practice where they were able to seal business deals in an unwinding environment. Thermae- Roman public bath houses were available for all Rome citizens, and they had a wide steam rooms variety with different rooms and purposes. From changing rooms, exercise rooms, swimming pools to heat rooms, cooling rooms, and massage rooms.

Ancient Greek Baths

Ancient Greek bath origin dates back to the sixth century B.C when Sparta citizens introduce hot-air into their traditional bathing—naming this new practice "Laconica," which means superheated dry and wet sweating-rooms. With the spread of the Laconica practice came the idea of what we know as "spa" simultaneously with public bathing.

Turkish Bath: Hammam

Hammam, or Turkish bath practice, was inherited from ancient Roman thermae. The hammam practice for the Islamic culture besides the hygiene and social significance. It was related to religious and civic practices to acquire ritual ablutions.

The first Turkish steam room in USA was introduced in 1863, after its introduction in the mid-century to Britain and its expansion to Western Europe and Asia.

Modern Home Steam Room

With the technology era came steam generators, innovative steam room design ideas, and steam showers, bringing back the ancient tradition and its health benefits.

At, we offer the best home steam room on the market, the Advanced Hybrid Steam Room, designed and manufactured by Scandia MFG. This steam room design combines the ancient steam bathing tradition with technology. It features Ozone technology to keep your steam room clean and disinfected, reducing its maintenance and making our AHSR cost efficient. Unlike traditional steam room designs, this steam room is not made with tiles, but it is made with a commercial-grade acrylic paneling system that allows you to customize your home steam room walls and benches.

If adding a steam room to your home is not an option, you can still bring the steam benefits to your home by turning your master bath into your personal spa.

Advanced Hybrid steam Room with Ozone Technology

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