Five Benefits of Steam Bathing

Five Benefits of Steam Bathing

Installing a steam shower is a beautiful thing you can add to your home to help improve overall health. Steam showers are easy to use and have grown in popularity because of their known health benefits. They get rid of metabolic waste, help improve your circulation, improve hair and skin health, and ease breathing. They also add value to a home, at the same time, save users the cost of multiple spa treatments. 


Here are some ways a steam shower can help you:


1. Improved Circulation: Exposure to steam in the shower causes widening of blood vessels. This widening provides more room in the blood vessels which helps increase blood flow, which in turn improves circulation. This improved circulation provides more oxygen to your cells and helps keep your arteries healthy.


2. Recovery from Exercise: During exercise, metabolic waste builds up in your muscles, which can lead to soreness. Steam showers along with can help you get rid of the waste by pumping action into the capillaries.


3. Skin care: 20minutes of steam shower per week can greatly improve skin’s tone and clarity. It opens pores and allows you to perspire freely and helps reduce pimples and blackheads. It also removes dead skin cells, bacteria and dirt that build up in the top layers of your skin as well.


4. Stress Management: Steam showers allow your muscles to relax, which in turn reduces anger and stress. Taking a steam shower before bed, can also help you sleep more peacefully and easily. It also releases endorphins in your brain to help you relax mentally and emotionally.


5. Breathing: Steam showers open up sinuses providing relief to people suffering from sinus congestion or seasonal allergies. It also loosens up mucus in the nose helping people with a cold. Simply standing in a steam shower can decongest your chest and ease your respiratory system.


It's a simple practice that has be proven effective for thousands of years. The natural healing benefits of steam can be at your disposable with the installation of a steam shower.  



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