How to Turn Your Master Bath into Your Personal Spa

How to Turn Your Master Bath into Your Personal Spa

It may not be your favorite place to clean, but it most definitely can become your favorite room in the house. You can transform your master bath (of any size!) into your own personal spa. It can be a beautiful place to relax, escape, and just focus on yourself. 


1. Choose calming colors. 

Beautiful blues, clean whites, soft grays, cozy pinks, and sea greens are all often chosen for bathroom. That doesn't mean you can't be bold with a dark vanity or patterned accent wall. Keep distractions at a minimum and select just one item to be that stand out piece. 


2. Refresh towels and rugs. 

Nothing, absolutely nothing, feels more luxurious than brand new towels and a plush bathroom rug. These upgrades alone can improve your mood and bathroom routine. 


3. Create extra storage

Bathrooms like to collect clutter. Be creative with storage solutions to keep necessities nearby, but out of sight. Try floating shelves or hanging baskets on an open wall, but do not overwhelm them.


4. Mix in nature

Natural textiles and plants bring the peace of the outdoors in to your bathroom. 


5. Aromatherapy

Utilizing candles or essential oils, ensure you can create an immersive experience by indulging your sense of smell. 


6. Lighting

The exposed bulbs generally found in bathrooms don't add any sense of style or flair, nor are they very flattering. Changing light fixtures can be a manageable DIY project that immediately elevates your space. 


7. Swap your mirror

Nothing screams design like a unique or modern mirror. Another weekend DIY project that will make a huge difference. 


8. Upgrade Your Shower

Let it rain! Swap out your ordinary shower head for something with a little more pizzazz. 


Take it one step further and convert your shower into your very own steam shower. With a little professional guidance, you can install a steam shower that can help you reach master spa perfection. 


A steam shower utilizes a generator to release steam from boiling water. It regulates the amount of water used and the release of steam to create a warm, moist environment that provides a number of health benefits. Steam generators must be used in a sealed space, so ensure you are able to seal off your shower appropriately. With the addition of a steam shower you will be able to heal dry skin, relieve seasonal allergies, and alleviate symptoms of asthma and upper respiratory infections. You can increase the circulation of blood throughout your body which will ease sore muscles and joints and improve cardiac function. 


Let steam bathing be the cherry on top of your bathroom renovation. Then you can have the ultimate space to relax and rejuvenate right at home. 

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