How to Make a Sauna at Home?

How to Make a Sauna at Home?

A home sauna is an insulated room that uses gas, wood, or electric heaters to reach temperatures from 150º to 190º F.

There are many physical and psychological benefits to Saunas, such as stress relief and faster workout recovery. Scandia MFG brings the best home sauna solutions on the market, whether it is an outdoor sauna or an indoor sauna.


Follow this basic guide with the essential information you need to know before building a sauna at home:


Choose the location of your Sauna

Before purchasing a home sauna kit, you need to know where you will locate your Sauna. Is it inside your home or an outdoor home sauna? Then, you need to determine if you will get a standard unit or a portable sauna.

A DIY Kit or Pre-Cut Kit can turn any room space into a home sauna. It is ideal for people that own their house since this sauna installation is permanent and easy to assemble.


On the other hand, a Portable home sauna or modular Sauna is a free-standing unit that requires no framing, and it gives you the freedom to move it to a different area within any space. Portable saunas are available in both indoor and outdoor designs. Outdoor home saunas come with a roof kit to protect your Sauna from the environment.


In case you choose to build an outdoor sauna, click here to read the ultimate outdoor home sauna building guide

Choose your sauna experience based on your heat source

 Before choosing your sauna type, you need to select your heat source: electric, gas, or wood. For a traditional experience with no electricity required, choose a wood-burning sauna heater. For a dry sauna or wet sauna experience, choose either an electric sauna heater or a gas sauna stove.


Electric and Gas heaters can be used as a “wet sauna” or a “dry sauna.” The main difference lies in creating “loyly”- a Finnish name that describes the steam caused when pouring water onto the sauna stove.


Did you know…?

A wet sauna induces perspiration and makes you sweat faster. It is excellent for relieving nasal congestion.  

As the humidity increases in a wet sauna, it brings the sauna wood aroma into the air.


Select a Home Sauna Size

Calculate your sauna size by measuring the room/space (Width x Depth x Length) where you wish to place your Sauna. offers a wide variety of sauna brands with multiple sauna dimensions. All you need to do is assess your sauna dimensions. For example, for a two-person home sauna, you can choose between:


1. 2 Person Interior Home Sauna Kit

2. Classic Barrel Sauna Kit

3. Scandia TREND Portable Sauna


Select sauna wood and customize

Cedar is the most popular choice of wood in the sauna world for appearance, stability, and heat and humidity resistance. You can pick between Alaskan Yellow Cedar and Western Red Cedar to build your home sauna.

Now, if you are looking to get a unique traditional steam sauna, we recommend choosing a Hand-Finished Sauna; they are coated with a premium water-based protective wax that absorbs deeply into the wood to form a highly durable, dirt-resistant surface.


All of our home sauna kits are easy to assemble, include accessories and an electric sauna heater from their respective brand. All you need to do is order your favorite one and most suitable one and build it! 


If you’re looking for a customized sauna, please fill our sauna builder form.

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