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Electric Traditional Barrel Sauna Kit

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Door Material

2-8 people Electric Traditional Outdoor Barrel Sauna kit

This Scandia product is one of the best Outdoor Barrel Sauna Kit. A unique blend of design and technology gives you the best sauna experience of your life without spending a fortune.


Grade A Cedar Wood

As always, Scandia uses only Cedarwood with the highest quality standards. The A grade of the wood guarantees strength and flexibility to provide a product that can last for a long time. 



This Barrel sauna is the ultimate ingenious creation in the sauna industry. The circular shape offers a unique style to the design of your backyard, while the color of the wood will make your outdoor sauna blend perfectly with the surrounding nature.



This Barrel Sauna Kit is available in many dimensions, ranging from 2 to 8 persons. You can choose the size according to the space or the use. For example, if you have a lot of space, you can opt for a larger Sauna Kit, but if you are going to use it alone with your partner, maybe you can choose a slightly smaller sauna. In short, there are so many options that you have to select the size that best suits your needs.


Choose your Sauna Heater

This product has two options for the sauna heater:

  • Gas sauna heater
  • Electric sauna heater

It is a personal choice, depending on your preference and the cost of both energy sources in your state.
Both sauna heaters are certified and are made with the latest technology to provide you with safety at all times and to provide you with constant heat during your sauna sessions.

All barrel sauna kits include Scandia's proprietary Wi-Fi sauna heater controller for convenience and ease of use.


Choose your Sauna Door

One of the essential things in a barrel sauna kit is the door. The insulation of the sauna and how much light will enter the cabin's interior depend primarily on it.

If you want a more private atmosphere, you can choose a mixed wood and glass door, which will give your sauna a more natural and traditional look, while if you want a more luminous and modern sauna, you can opt for an all-glass door.

How does a barrel sauna work?

From a structural point of view, their cylindrical shape circulates the heat upside down. It works very well in colder climates and contains less heating space than regular outdoor saunas. The cylindrical shape of the barrel sauna also allows for continuous air circulation.



  • Range in size, from 6'W x 4'D x 6'H to 7'W x 8'D x 6'H
  • Sized to fit: 2 person sauna up to 8 person sauna available
  • Upgrade with a Gas Sauna Heater. All barrel sauna kits include our proprietary Wi-Fi sauna heater controller for convenience and ease of use.