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Avalon Electric Sauna Heater FIN-80 by Finlandia

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Avalon Electric Sauna Heater FIN-80 by Finlandia

The FIN-80 Electric Sauna Heater from Finland is perfect for saunas up to 425 cubic feet (CF).

FIN-80 generates intense and penetrating heat. The unit features high-quality stainless steel heating elements, durable stainless steel components, and a large capacity to place rocks.

Finland FIN series sauna heaters will provide you with years of reliable and efficient operation. State-of-the-art technology and unique design make it one of the best sauna heaters on the market. The FIN-80 electric sauna stove fills the room with bracing heat waves. This sauna heater is perfect for any home sauna.

Finland sauna heating units are manufactured by Harvia Manufacturing Company, ensuring quality and safety.



Forget the classic silver color of sauna heaters. With the FIN-80 from Finland, you will have a touch of color and luxury in your sauna. The red color of this electric sauna heater will look great in your sauna, giving a relaxing effect on your eyes.



The FIN-80 electric sauna heater is one of the best in terms of safety. All Finland and Harvia sauna heaters are UL and ETL listed to make your sauna experience wonderful and completely safe.



Voltage / phase

This sauna heater model allows you to choose the voltage and phase that best suits your needs. Specifically, there are two options:

- 240V / 1P (single-phase)

- 208V / 3P (three-phase)

If you have questions about which voltage and phase to choose, contact us to guide you step by step in the customization of this accessory.

Control type

There are two types of controls available to customize this electric sauna heater:

  • F-2T: Simple external control, with a 60-minute timer, thermostat, and on / off switch for interior light.
  • XENIO Digital: Harvia Xenio is a touch panel control. Provides a modern and elegant user interface to control the sauna heater. This small panel allows you to easily see the time so that the temperature of your sauna is just right for your taste. Xenio digital has a time-setting range from 1 to 12 hours.

Sauna Rocks

This tremendous electric sauna heater includes sauna rocks. The main characteristic of these volcanic stones is their porosity, which allows them to retain more heat, thus always maintaining the ideal temperature in your sauna.

Additionally, this sauna heater design lets you place the sauna rocks directly with the heating elements for optimal thermal efficiency. Its large rock capacity ensures uniform and constant heat.



  • For rooms measuring 250 to 425 cubic feet
  • Dimensions: 11"D x 16"W x 24"H
  • Wall Mounted with the Convenience of External Controls.
  • 8.0 Kilowatts
  • 45lbs of sauna rocks included


The FIN-80 has a limited lifetime warranty with the brand and is completely serviceable.

All Finland and Harvia sauna heaters are UL and ETL listed for your safety.