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Amerec AK Steam Generator for Steam Rooms

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Model - KW
Volt (1 or 3 Phase)

Amerec AK generators were designed for home use, transforming your shower or bathing room into a daily invitation to comfort. An AK generator will quickly heat the steam room to its preset temperature and reduce its energy consumption by 1/3 or 2/3. This results in a more consistent flow of soft steam and a more stable temperature.

Amerec's AK series generators are engineered for performance and reliability. The innovative "soft steam" feature provides the ultimate steam bathing experience. Minimal temperature variations and an even steam flow are a steam bath's most essential performance characteristics. Amerec Steam generator delivers both with innovative "soft steam" element switching to maintain a consistent and comfortable bathing environment.


Amerec AK Steam Generator for Steam Rooms Sizing Guide


AK4.5 - 4.5 KW - For rooms measuring 60 to 90 cubic feet

AK6 6.0 KW - For rooms measuring 80 to 150 cubic feet

AK7.57.5 KW - For rooms measuring 100 to 200 cubic feet

AK99.0 KW - For rooms measuring 150 to 300 cubic feet

AK1111.0 KW - For rooms measuring 200 to 400 cubic feet

AK1414.1 KW - For rooms measuring 350 to 550 cubic feet

AK18 (9+9) - 18.0 KW - For rooms measuring 500 to 700 cubic feet

AK22 (11+11) - 22.0 KW - For rooms measuring 700 to 900 cubic feet

AK28 (14+14) - 28.0 KW - For rooms measuring 900 to 1100 cubic feet

AK30 (11+11+9) - 30.0 KW - For rooms measuring 1000 to 1300 cubic feet

AK36 (14+11+11) -  36.0 KW - For rooms measuring 1200 to 1500 cubic feet


Amerec AK Steam Generator for Steam Rooms Specifications

  • Dimensions: 6 1/4"D x 16 1/2"W x 15"H
  • AK Series Generators are for commercial and residential use
  • Soft Steam Element Switching Technology
  • Stainless Steel Tank & Water Level Probes
  • Removable Heating Elements
  • Computer Controlled Circuit Board
  • Compact Size
  • UL Listed Certification


Stainless Drip Pan

Auto Drain Kit

Columbia Package - Includes K60 Control, Steam Head, Drip Pan, and Auto Drain Kit