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Sauna Materials & Lumber

If you need sauna materials, you've found them. From boards and trim pieces to flooring and bench supports, we carry it all. Best of all, everything is made from high-grade, Grade A lumber that's been kiln-dried for optimal comfort and durability. Get started with your sauna project today!

If you're someone who likes to do-it-yourself, we offer a wide variety of sauna materials, allowing you to construct your own sauna without buying a sauna kit. Whether you're looking to build from scratch or transform an existing room into a sauna, we've got you covered!

The most common way to line walls for a sauna is buy using tongue & groove panels since they make for an easy installation and a great finished look. Our kiln-dried cedar wood is ideal for sauna construction and is very low in moisture. This helps prolong the life of the wood and protects it from shrinking or warping over time with repetitive sauna use. One of the main advantages to using cedar wood for a sauna is that it doesn't get as hot as denser woods, which means the temperature of your sauna's interior surfaces will be more comfortable to sit and lean on.

Cedar sauna wood has a great scent and naturally repels many bacteria and insects. Our wide, Western Red Cedar wood is Clear Grade A - that means it is top-quality with no knots.All of our sauna materials are priced by the linear foot, making it simple for you to calculate the requirements for your project.

We have a massive stock of trim, duck board flooring, heater guard rails, and much more. We also offer hand-crafted sauna doors for an excellent finishing touch that will add a level of elegance and style to your sauna. All wood can be treated or stained with the protectant of your choice, but some stains and coatings are better than others, so be sure to do your research or simply contact us for more information.