Clear Grade Western Red Cedar

Sauna Materials & Lumber

Are you a DIYer? At we offer a wide variety of sauna lumber and materials for those who are interested in building their own sauna without buying a sauna kit. If you're looking to transform an existing room into a sauna, we've got you covered!

The most common way to line the walls for a sauna is buy using Tongue & Groove panels. These panels really make for an easy installation and a great finished look!

The Cedar wood we offer is kiln dried. This process removes most of the moisture which helps prolong the life of the wood and protects it from shrinking or warping over time. 

One of the main advantages to using cedar wood for a sauna is that it will not get as hot as dense woods, which provides a more comfortable sauna surface to sit and lean on. Cedar sauna wood naturally repels many bacteria and insects.

Our wide Western Red Cedar wood is Clear Grade A (no knots). All of our sauna building materials are priced per linear foot, which makes it very easy for you to calculate for your sauna project! 

Choose from our other cedar sauna materials below, such as: trim, duck board flooring, heater guard rails, and much more. We also offer Hand-Crafted sauna doors that can be hand finished with a beautiful Black or Ivory White stain. These doors will add a level of elegance and style to your sauna. 

Tongue & Groove Panels

7/16"x6" Tongue & Groove Panels are used for lining sauna room walls. (5 3/16" Net Coverage)


1" x 4"

Bench Tops/Skirts

1"x4" S4S (finished on all sides) boards are used for creating beautiful bench tops and bench skirting


2" x 4"


These 2"x4" pieces are typically used for creating the bench supports/legs


1" Interior

Corner Trim

Use this 1" interior trim to add the finishing touches to the corners of your sauna


1 1/2" Exterior

Corner Trim

Use this 1 1/2" exterior trim to add the finishing touches to the outside of your sauna


1/2" x 3 1/2" 

Wall Trim

These 1"x4" trim pieces can be used for running along the perimeter on the sauna, adding style to the sauna


Duckboard Flooring

Add this 23"x23" duck board flooring to your sauna for style and functionality 

True Tile


True Tile is an interlocking PVC flooring that is easily removed for cleaning


Super Dek


Super Dek is an interlocking PVC flooring. Available in Terra Cotta Red and Tan



Guard Rail

Available in two sizes, this heater guard rail provides protection from the hot sauna heater

$165.00-Medium & $195.00-Large


Head Rest

Utilize this Hand-Crafted sauna head rest for added comfort in your sauna 

$65/head rest    


Vent Cover

These 4"x10" Vent Covers are Hand-Crafted and will match your cedar sauna


Western Red Cedar Door

The Western Red Cedar look consists of a light reddish-brown color. Available in 24", 30", and 36" sizes


Alaskan Yellow Cedar Door

The Alaskan Yellow Cedar look consists of a light, pale yellow color. Available in 24", 30", and 36" sizes


Hand Finished  Door

Our Alaskan Yellow Cedar door, offered with either a Black or Ivory White hand-stain finish. Available in 24", 30", and 36" sizes




Line Walls & Ceiling to block out moisture and reflect heat back into your sauna

$15/ 4x10" roll     



Hand-Crafted Western Red Cedar are available in a 2-Peg & 4-Peg option

$29 - 49.99   



Shop our wide variety of new sauna accessories. These are great for adding function and style to your sauna

Prices vary   

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