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  • We carry an extensive inventory of heaters in many different shapes and sizes. Regardless of what kind of heater you choose, we guarantee you will receive an A-Grade product.

    Sauna heaters come in three types: gas, electric, and wood-burning and are considered the heart of the experience. This is why choosing the right size and type of sauna is essential.

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Sauna heaters FAQs

What is the best heat source for a sauna?

Well, that depends on the type of sauna you choose. It will also depend on your personal preferences, your budget, and the placement of your sauna.
The wood-burning heater takes some real effort. However, they distribute the heat uniformly and are most suitable for a traditional sauna experience.

The warmth of the fire and the smoke makes it a uniquely conventional sauna experience.

Gas heaters are sensitive to changes in heat but heat up quite fast.

They are also affordable when it comes to the consumption of gas so they can be used regularly.

If you are someone who wants to jump into the sauna for deep sweat then having a gas sauna heater is a reasonable decision. However, you need to be mindful when it comes to safety considerations while using a gas sauna heater.

Electric heaters are modern, programmable, and widely available.

However, they take a little longer to pre-heat and the cost is higher than a gas heater. Some electric heaters include a solid rock tray to produce steam, which allows you to select between a regular sauna or a steam sauna.
Find sauna heaters for sale and if you have made your mind about the kind that you want!

How much does a sauna heater cost?

An infrared heater can be purchased for between 450 and 600 USD, while an electric heater costs 600 to 2700 USD, a gas heater is available for between 3000 and 4500 USD.

Also, when finding sauna heaters for sale it is easy to forget about the cost of operating your sauna every day using the sauna heater.

Although the actual costs of running a sauna will vary depending on the sauna and its usage, you can get an idea of the overall costs.

A sauna heater's electricity consumption is expressed in kilowatts per hour. The average price of electricity in the USA for a kilowatt-hour is 12 cents.

Simply multiply the number of kilowatts used per hour by how long the sauna is being used.

This will give you an estimate of the cost of the session. A simple rule is to multiply the kW (of the heater) with 0.75 (the percentage that heater consumes electricity) multiplied again by 0.12, the average price of electricity in the USA.

Here is an example of a typical sauna session:

The total cost of operation = d

where a is the kW (of the heater)

where b is 0.75

where d is 0.12

Pro tip: If you get a gas sauna heater there will be no need for the replacement of costly elements regularly relative to electric heaters and it is quicker to heat up.

What size heater do I need for my sauna?

A sauna heater will need 1 kW in order to heat 50 cubic feet of space. This is an average rule. Outdoor saunas may require a heater that is larger.

For example, a sauna room measuring 6x7x7x7 feet should have a heater of 5 kW. (252 cubic feet divide by 50 = 5.04). Use the quick tips below to find the one you need:

Sauna room height should not exceed 7 feet. For an interior sauna height 78" to 84" - use 1 kW per 45-47 cu ft.For an Interior sauna height 84" to 96" - 1 kW per 40 cu ft.If the sauna room's interior height is greater than 7, it will take more kW to heat it up.You can stack more rocks on top of your gas stove by making a rack to contain them along the sides of the stove This will enable you to have more exposed and heated rocks.

Sauna heaters for sale using our online guide. It shows you how to determine which sauna heater you need for your sauna room.

You can also reach out to us at with your sauna dimensions to find out which wood-burning or gas or infrared or electric heaters will work best for your space.

You might also find it useful to check out our sauna planning guide as part of our user resources

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