Why Wood-Burning Heaters Lead to a Traditional Experience

Why Wood-Burning Heaters Lead to a Traditional Experience
Sauna in its truest form

Wood burning sauna heaters are the popular choice among traditional sauna lovers. The smell and the softness of the heat make the entire sauna bath like a sacred ritual for mind and body. Wood burning sauna heaters are an homage to this beautiful ancient practice. These contemporary wood heaters are adapted to suit the lifestyle of today. While wood heaters are a favorite, they do require a few hours to bring the sauna to temperature. 

When it comes to an outdoor sauna, a wood sauna heater is an ideal choice as it as has a combustion chamber that aptly controls air flow. Aside from this, the latest variants of wood burning sauna heaters are well-integrated with safety mechanisms, like the metal smoke pipe on the top that prevents smoke from entering the sauna. It is also highly recommended to install a plate underneath your wood burning stove. 

Without the need for electricity, you can build your sauna escape at the edge of a mountain lake or haul it in a trailer to the beach. 

Wood burning Sauna Heaters
Manufactured by Harvia, the leader in Finnish wood sauna heater design. These heaters use the best quality materials and equipped with efficient mechanisms. Catalina Wood burning Sauna Heaters give users smooth and long-lasting service. Includes a external feed option to load wood from outside the sauna. 

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