What to Know When Shopping for a Sauna

What to Know When Shopping for a Sauna

Now that you're convinced of the necessity of an in-home sauna, there are certainly dozens of questions buzzing through your mind about how to get started! Take a look at the following tips and don't hesitate to message us for more information on how to install a sauna, where to install a sauna, and what materials are needed to install a sauna. 


Here are some things you should consider when buying a sauna for your home:


1. Location: When buying a sauna for your home, you have to consider where you will be placing the sauna in your home. You can install the sauna both indoors and outdoors. If going for indoors, you will also need to decide if you will be having a whole room dedicated to the sauna or just a part of the room. Pre-cut saunas are installed to the studs of an existing wall/room. Modular units are perfect for outdoor spaces. Be mindful that outdoor saunas will need roofing materials if not sheltered. 


2. Type of Sauna: There are many types of saunas available in the market. Traditional saunas use gas or electric heaters or a wood burning stove. Infrared saunas are easy to build and don’t require a whole room just a small space.


3. Material of the Sauna: Many different types of wood are used to make saunas. The most popular is Cedar. Choosing the wood for the sauna depends on the style and smell of the wood. Choosing a Grade A Clear Cedar ensures that the wood is clean and free of knots. 


4. Heat: Heat is another important factor when purchasing a sauna. How much heat you want in your sauna should decide the type of sauna you should get. The highest temperature for sauna is usually around 194⁰ F and lowest is around 165⁰ F. Then you have three options on how to heat your traditional sauna: wood burning stove, electric heater or gas sauna heater. All heaters sizes are dependent on the cubic feet of the sauna. 


Infrared saunas run at cooler temperatures: 120⁰ F to 150⁰ F. Infrared saunas do not heat the room. They only heat your body internally using far infrared light. 


5. Size: Size of the sauna you should buy depends upon the space you’re willing to allocate to the sauna. You should also consider the size for the sauna as per the number of people who are going to use the sauna at a time. Adequate space must be allocate for the sauna heater and guardrail. In some areas, there may be codes necessary to follow to keep your sauna compliant. Measure twice and then twice again before ordering your sauna. 


Saunas.com can help with these questions and more. There's no need to be intimidated by your sauna project. The end result is worth the journey. Enjoy every moment! 

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