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What is a Sauna Blanket? Does it Work?

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If everyone could have a home sauna, they would. Not only do you feel extra luxurious sitting in a sauna, but they also help detoxify your body of all toxins. 

However, sauna blankets are the latest - and more practical - trend in wellness. Plus, you can use them to live your life (or even watch your new favorite show on Netflix) while pampering your body.

What is a sauna blanket? 

The first thing you should know about a sauna blanket is that it's a sauna for your home, but it does not look like a hot little room; it looks like a giant heating pad that wraps around your body. Secondly, it is probably the easiest and most accessible way to experience infrared. You set it up on your bed or couch, preheat the blanket, wrap yourself up like a burrito, and let the power of the infrared radiation and the inner layers of tourmaline, amethyst, and charcoal work their magic.

As the name implies, it's a sauna - with a temperature of 80°F to 160°F - that you wrap around your body. Infrared sauna blankets are the most popular option on the market. They achieve the same results at a lower temperature, making them more tolerable for people who can not tolerate the heat of a traditional sauna. They also put less strain on your body, making them more efficient.



There are many claims about the main benefits of sauna blankets just from using them for 30-45 minutes a day. These include: 

woman in a sauna blanket


The high heat increases your heart rate, speeds up your circulatory system, and allows you to burn more body fat. The rays from the sauna blankets penetrate at least twice as deep into the cellulite and heat the tissues to 10 times more.


If you are in pain from your workout at home, a sauna blanket will be the answer to your prayers. The high heat can reduce muscle inflammation and relieve pain.




A sauna blanket will increase your heart rate, making you feel like you have worked out. Tired and relaxed muscles lead to deeper and longer sleep and can even help you fall asleep faster. And because the sauna blanket increases your heart rate, mimicking a workout, your mood lifts, keeping you motivated throughout the day.


The detoxifying properties of a sauna blanket recharge your body's cells and speeds up the renewal process to replace old cells with new, stronger ones that can better fight off new diseases.


woman in a sauna blanket

The blanket is a large rectangle that folds up like a sleeping bag (Velcro). It is relatively simple. You hook it up, lay it in your apartment, and SWEAT for an hour. The blanket is made of high-quality waterproof PVC with infrared technology and a remote to control the temperature.

When you are in the blanket, you should wear loose cotton clothing that you like to sweat in: a long-sleeved t-shirt, socks, and long pants. It will be very hot, you will sweat a lot, and you may notice a slight increase in your heart rate. Remember to drink plenty of water during and after your sauna session.

The clothes you wear will be soaked, and there will be sweat in the blanket. However, the blanket is not leaking - it is entirely self-contained. 

Of course, a sauna blanket does not replace the sauna experience. Still, it's the best way to get the benefits of heat therapy if you do not have access to a traditional sauna or infrared sauna.

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