Why Do Some People Wear a Hat In The Sauna?

Why Do Some People Wear a Hat In The Sauna?


You may have asked yourself when in a sauna, why are these people wearing these weird hats? There is a good reason for it. 


In Finland, sauna hats are called “Finnish sauna hats.” They are often called “banya hats” or “banya bonnets,” alliterating the Russian word for sauna in Russia. 


Sauna hat benefits

When you´re inside the sauna, your head is the most exposed to the heat, it heats up faster than the rest of the body, so you may get the feeling of being overheated. 


That is why sometimes you can barely make it few minutes, and you rush to run out and cool off. Also, your hair can get excessively dry and brittle. So, the sauna hat comes to the rescue here!


When your head is protected by a felt or wool hat, it allows you to remain longer in the sauna because your head stays slightly cooler and allows your entire body to heat more evenly so you can maximize the benefits of using it.

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