Enhance your Backyard and Build an Oasis with Your Sauna

Enhance your Backyard and Build an Oasis with Your Sauna

It's time to level up your backyard. Whether you have a vacant patch of grass, stunning deck with views, or a private pool, you can take your backyard living from a simple space to a gathering spring of health. Taking a tip or two from the creators of sauna, the Finns, sauna bathing can become more than just personal relaxation, but also a social event that is sure to make memories for all who come. 

From a young age, Finnish children sauna with family members, engraining the habit into them for life. In later years, friends gather to refresh in the sauna together. You can enjoy the sauna heat, a ice bath or lake plunge, and maybe a cool drink afterwards. 

When building your backyard sauna consider where is pointing and what you'll be looking at out any windows or doors. After you've chosen the perfect spot, you can add elements to build upon the sauna experience. 

1. Provide plenty of seating for before/during/after sauna. Seating allows those who need a break between heat sessions somewhere to take a breather. Afterwards you can visit in your post-sauna glow. 

2. Add some plant life. Saunas originated in the wild and they sure look pretty surrounded by natural elements. Have fun designing around your sauna to make it feel like it's always been there. 

3. Take a dip in an ice bath. Traditional sauna user praise the hot/cold technique so don't hesitate to add a polar plunge option to outdoor oasis. 

4. Space to move. If you love workout at home, create some space to move near your sauna and you can transition from exercise to recovery quickly. We even have sauna benches that collapse for some seriously hot yoga. 

5. Let it shine! The great thing about saunas is they are always beautiful. Let your style be reflected in your sauna and it will become the centerpiece of your outdoor space. 

Need help choosing what size sauna you need?

We've got you there. For small groups check out:

CM46-Outdoor Sauna 

The double tier bench arrangement of this outdoor sauna makes it ideal for two to three people. It has standard SBS-45 heater with built-in controls, a headrest for upper bench, and comes with the numerous upgrade options such as Starline skylight roof, sidelight windows & doors with etched glass designs.

The western red cedar used for all four walls offers an ideal complement for your house. Some other features of this sauna include standard cedar shingle roof package, cedar vent set with lower vent cut into 2″ x 4″ wood base, Douglas fir door with 16″ x 60″ gray tinted glass window and stainless steel hinges, assembled sauna benches made of western red cedar frames with 2″x 2″ western red cedar tops, electrical conduit pre-plumbed into wall panels with outdoor light switch, in 48″D x 72″W x 102″H dimensions.

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