Differences Between Saunas and Steam Rooms

Differences Between Saunas and Steam Rooms

We are big fans of heat therapy. The hyperthermic response brought on by sauna and steam room use can naturally work wonders for your body from the inside out. While both rooms are nice and toasty, and prime spots for relaxation, there are some major differences that may influence your choice.


Descendant of the historic Finnish saunas

  • >175°F
  • <20% humidity.
  • Made of wood.
  • Heated by a gas, wood, electric stove.

Benefits include: 

  1. Improved cardiovascular.
  2. Cognitive.
  3. Pulmonary health. 
  4. Increased endurance. 
  5. Faster muscle recovery. 
  6. Improved mood.

Descendant of the ancient Greek and Roman baths

  • <120°F
  • >100% humidity.
  • Generally made with tile (or check out Scandia’s low maintenance Advanced Hybrid Steam Rooms!).
  • Heated with steam from boiling water.

Benefits include:

  1. Detoxification.
  2. Respiratory health.
  3. Allergy relief.
  4. Decreased asthma symptoms.
  5. Lung and skin health.

Both spaces elicit a heat stress response from your body from being under such intense conditions. That heat stress response is responsible for starting up the processes that can affect your health long term; such as improving cardiovascular function and decreasing risks for future injury or illness. So both rooms will add upon your journey to wellness.
However, if you are experiencing respiratory fatigue from allergies or asthma, or maybe you have dry skin or acne flaring up, the steam room is the place for you. The high humidity will moisten and soften nasal passages and soothe inflamed lungs. The sweat released during your steam can remove unwanted toxins from the air and chemicals from beauty products trapped in your skin. Afterwards, hit the showers to wash all those unwelcome visitors away.
If you are looking to improve cardiovascular function for athletics or maintain cardiovascular health for the future, the sauna is a great place to start. Dry saunas are highly studied by scientists for their affect on long term health. They have been proven to lower blood pressure, decrease the risks of fatal cardiac events, lower the risks of Alzheimer’s and dementia, and even increase runner’s abilities to run to exhaustion.
Whichever you choose, you are guaranteed a blessing of wellness for the future, and improved mood and relaxation right now. Heat therapy is an effective, natural way to grant your body the strength to stay healthy.

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