Color light therapy - Everything You Need To Know About Chromotherapy Sauna

Color light therapy - Everything You Need To Know About Chromotherapy Sauna


The TREND sauna, one of our most recent collaborations with Scandia Manufacturing, features chromotherapy to help your mind and body ease while you take a sauna bath. In addition, our remote-controlled chromotherapy lights trigger a variety of benefits throughout the body. Please continue reading below to learn more about the chromotherapy sauna benefits.


What is Chromotherapy?

Color Therapy or Chromotherapy is an ancient method that uses color healing therapy to evoke calm and relaxation and even cure diseases. Its possible origins claim back to Indian, Egyptian, and ancient Chinese practices. They recognize the physical and emotional effects of light and colors in the body. 


Benefits of Chromotherapy Sauna Lights

The benefits of using LED chromotherpy lights in your sauna bathing depend entirely on the color you choose to set the mood of your sauna since each LED light is received at different frequencies of a specific vibration.



Mental and Physical Effects of Sauna Light Therapy

Red: Red light is a warm color related to the kidneys, backbone, and sense of smell. Red color light therapy is excellent for boost energy, muscles and increases libido.


Yellow: Yellow color light therapy is great for treat depression, rosacea, redness, and even skin rejuvenation.


Orange: Increase your creativity, happiness, and cheeriness with orange light therapy. Orange light therapy is perfect to increase the production of milk since it is related to breathing.


Blue: Set the color of your sauna blue and bring peace to your mind and body.


Green: Green color therapy is great to balance your body and mind. This color is particularly great for those who are under a lot of stress.


Purple: Use this color light therapy to reduce emotional and physical anxiety. This color will not only calm down your brain but will help you sleep.



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