The Ultimate Barrel Sauna Guide

Owning a home sauna is like having a personal oasis, offering instant access to relaxation and rejuvenation without stepping out of your door. In today's fast-paced world, where stress is ubiquitous, having a sanctuary within your home provides a vital escape to unwind and recharge. With the convenience of online shopping, acquiring a home sauna has never been easier, presenting an opportunity to elevate your wellness routine effortlessly.

Moreover, a home sauna isn't just a luxury; it's a strategic investment in your well-being. Beyond the immediate benefits of stress relief and physical relaxation, a personal sauna promotes long-term health by enhancing circulation, detoxification, and even sleep quality. By incorporating a sauna into your lifestyle, you not only gain a private retreat but also empower yourself with a powerful tool for self-care and holistic wellness. Its versatility caters to various needs, whether you seek muscle recovery post-workout or simply crave a tranquil escape from daily pressures.

Nowadays, buying a home sauna is simpler than ever, thanks to things like the internet. The real issue is deciding which one is best for your needs. For this reason, we put up this comprehensive guide to assist you in traversing the numerous features, sizes, and upgrades available in the world of barrel saunas, so you can be better informed and possibly even leave knowing which sauna is right for you.

What size of sauna is right for me?

Determining the right sauna for your needs involves careful consideration of both your intended use and the available space in your home. If you have a smaller or medium-sized space, a 2-4 person sauna might be the perfect fit, offering intimacy and coziness without overwhelming your area. Consider, if you have more space to spare, a 4-8 person sauna could provide ample room for larger friend meet-ups or family use. Our range of saunas comes with detailed specifications, including capacity and space requirements, ensuring that you can confidently select the optimal sauna to suit your space and lifestyle.

Our dedicated team is committed to guiding you through every step of the barrel sauna purchasing process. Whether you have questions about capacity, installation, or customization and accessories we're here to provide expert assistance and ensure that you're completely satisfied with your purchase. With our personal support and attention to detail, you can relax knowing that you'll receive not only the perfect sauna for your needs but also the peace of mind that comes with exceptional customer service

What type of heater should I choose?

Sauna heaters come in three varieties: gas, electric, and wood-burning. Even though they are designed to accomplish the same purpose, it is critical to understand their distinctions.

First and foremost, your budget and personal preferences will determine the sauna heater you choose. For example, wood-burning heaters are frequently used for the outdoors as they provide the most natural experience and require nothing but cords of wood. On the other hand, electric heaters require nearby electricity access to be viable since you'd be spending a lot more on fueling a generator than buying wood cords. Last but not least, gas heaters

Here are some common heater questions our clients ask!

1. What are the specific benefits of electric heaters over wood-burning heaters?

Electric heaters offer benefits such as easy maintenance, temperature control, and the ability to be turned on with a flick of a switch.

2. What are the installation requirements for wood-burning vs. Electric heaters vs. Gas Sauna Heaters?

Wood-burning heaters are easy to install without the need for an electrician, while electric heaters require a licensed electrician for installation. Gas sauna heaters are a not as difficult as electric but can still require someone to assist depending on the heater hook up you choose.

3. What size of sauna is wood-burning heater usually recommended for?

Our gas heaters are perfect for those who want a simpler and easier installation however a wood burning sauna heater is always a great option for sauna goers!

4. Which type of heater is recommended for outdoor barrel saunas?

We recommend our scandia gas heaters for barrel saunas! not only do they not require ANY ELECTIRCAL WORK! They have many customization options for your outdoor sauna build. 

What is the best thermally modified wood?

Thermally modified wood undergoes a specialized process utilizing heat and steam to enhance its properties, making it more durable, structurally sound, and resistant to rot. This treatment transforms various wood types into a high-quality material ideal for sauna construction. In the context of saunas, thermally modified wood offers improved longevity and strength, ensuring a lasting and high-performing sauna experience. Our Barrel Saunas are renowned for its use of thermally modified wood, which undergoes a natural, chemical-free, and eco-friendly process to bring out the wood's optimal qualities. By using thermally modified wood in saunas, users can benefit from its enhanced durability and resistance to environmental factors, creating a more sustainable and efficient sauna environment. 

You will learn more about the specifications of wood! The best sauna wood is cedar wood planks Follow the link in the text to learn more about the sauna wood you should consider when purchasing a barrel sauna! Ours are made of grade A cedar and are the perfect wood for barrel saunas because of how long they last and how durable they are!

Can you automate a barrel sauna?


For automation, you will have to go with an electrical heater. Most electrical heater brands now offer a control panel or a phone app to regulate their heaters. There are many brands that can provide you the option to control things like LEDs, Lighting and even the temperature. Harvia Sauna Heaters have the feature and can be a great heater for your sauna. 

However, it is important to ask yourself:

Can I pour water on my sauna heater? 

In short yes, however if your heater does NOT have a solid rock try there is a higher chance the elements and other important internals of a sauna heater can be damaged. This will result in having to replace your sauna heater parts or the entire unit frequently! If you want to dump water on you your barrel sauna heater, we recommend using a Scandia Electric or Gas heater!

Does the type of wood matter?

Again, this is a matter of preference. Most high-quality saunas offer two different types of wood, each providing its benefits.

Cedar: This type of wood is the most popular because of its fantastic aroma and resistance to decay, durability, and insect-repelling qualities. It is resistant to extreme weather conditions, so it is a good choice for locations that experience hot or cold weather. Its color, aroma, and resiliency are all factors that lead to its similar price.

Poplar: This beautiful wood can range from pale yellow to white and typically has a straight, uniform grain. It's one of the most cost-effective sauna woods out there, balancing durability, attractiveness, flexibility, and affordability.

wood sizing and comparison chart

How do I customize a barrel sauna?

In addition to choosing a size, material, and heater that fits your needs and taste, you should keep in mind the following personalization options when creating your perfect sauna escape. Additionally, we can answer some questions you may be wondering about sauna customization!

1. How can roof protection be beneficial for outdoor barrel saunas in inclement weather?

For outdoor barrel saunas in areas with inclement weather, additional roof protection with a barrel sauna roof cover can help prevent water leakage and protect the sauna structure. This customization ensures the longevity and durability of the sauna, maintaining a comfortable and safe environment even in challenging weather conditions.

2. What additional sauna accessories are available to add comfort and convenience?

Barrel sauna accessories such as buckets, ladles, timers, thermometers, hygrometers, sauna lights, water bottle shelves, robe or towel hooks, essential oils, backrests, and leg lifts can add comfort, convenience, and charm to the sauna experience. These accessories enhance the functionality and customization options for a personalized sauna session.

3. What is color-changing mood light and how does it contribute to a sauna experience?

A color-changing LED Mood Light is a customization option for barrel saunas that provides color-light therapy, also known as chromotherapy. This feature includes a mountable LED light with 20 color variations and intensities, along with a remote control, offering cognitive and biochemical benefits during sauna sessions.

4. How can a Himalayan Salt Wall or LED Light Bar enhance the ambiance of a sauna?

Adding a Himalayan Salt Wall or LED Light Bar to a barrel sauna can create a gentle glow of light, enhancing relaxation and ambiance. These options offer a soothing atmosphere and can be easily controlled for a truly relaxing sauna experience.


Are barrel saunas difficult to assemble?

Barrel Saunas are designed for an effortless installation process. Two people can assemble a barrel sauna in 1.5 to 2 hours. Most barrel sauna kits come with all the necessary for assembling, making it even easier.

Additional concerns we address!

1. Is it possible to receive a disassembled sauna in the morning and be ready to enjoy it that night?

It is possible to receive a disassembled sauna in the morning and be ready to enjoy it that night.

2. How quickly can one or two people assemble any size sauna?

One or two people can quickly assemble any size sauna in a matter of a few hours.


Check out our barrel sauna assembly video for even more help!

How long do sauna barrels take to ship?

At, we pride ourselves on our efficient processing and swift delivery. With a 0-day lead time, once you purchase a sauna barrel, we immediately initiate the inspection process. This ensures that your sauna barrel is thoroughly examined for quality and any potential issues before it is shipped out to you. As soon as the inspection is complete, your sauna barrel will be promptly shipped, and you can expect it to arrive within the standard shipping timeframe based on your location. We prioritize customer satisfaction and aim to get your sauna barrel to you as quickly as possible without compromising on quality.

We continue to add more amazing products for our customers to explore and purchase.

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Accessories for your barrel sauna

You can also select a number of accessories that will add a comfortable, convenient, and charming touch to your barrel sauna. 
  • Using buckets and ladles to transport water is a traditional and safe way to pour water over your heater rocks to make steam. 
  • Timers, thermometers, and hygrometers can provide you with the operational details you need to dial in perfectly to your sauna session.
  • Essential oils are also great if you want to experience the benefits of aromatherapy.
  • Sauna Rocks, however these normally come with every heater that we carry!
  • Himalayan Salt Panels These are guaranteed to add a very nice look to your sauna and help you experience even more of the healing properties of heat exposure. 
  • You can also add back rests or wooden chairs, this is some MUST NEED added comfort that every barrel sauna should have. 
  • The customizations and accessories for your barrel sauna are virtually unlimited! Do not hesitate to reach out to us and get some more information or guidance in your barrel sauna build!

How we can help!

1. Are there specific ways for customers to get personalized assistance in choosing the right sauna for their needs?

You can receive personalized assistance in selecting the perfect sauna by contacting our team directly through the available options provided in the article!

2. Where can customers find guidance on which sauna is best for them and which customizations are recommended?

Find the guidance on the best sauna and recommended customizations by reaching out for help through the provided contact methods. We are always happy to serve and help those who need a little assistance!

3. What contact options are available for customers to get help in selecting the perfect sauna?

Customers can either click a link or call the specified phone number to get assistance in choosing the best sauna or customizations. We are available by phone, email and message through our site! We make sure to take care of you every step of the way!

4. How can customers reach out for assistance in choosing the best sauna or customizations?

Customers can get assistance by clicking a link or calling the provided phone number to reach out for help in choosing the perfect sauna or customizations. We have a list of amazing upgrades and deals you can add to your sauna for added comfort and pleasure!

5. Are there any discounts involved with purchasing a new barrel sauna?

Yes! you can use code GOODSWEAT at checkout to get 10% off store wide. You can also bundle your sauna with other accessories to receive a discount. If you add panels, flooring and a bucket and ladle you can get up to a 20% discount on the accessories! We love to see more people using saunas and want to make them available to everyone!