Tylo Sense Sport 8 Electric Sauna Heater


Vendor: Tylo SKU: 9060-218


Tylo Sense Sport is the newest in wet & dry sauna heating technology from Tylo, the world's leader in Sauna products. Combining sleek design with the reliable functionality and genuine quality of Tylo, Sense's quick and pleasant heat with precise temperature control will free all of your senses.

Featuring a built-in aromatherapy oil dispenser, the Sense Sport offers the most value in it's segment beyond a shadow of a doubt, when coupled with it's 5-year residential warranty and cool-touch exterior finish, unique to the Tylo brand.

This heater incorporates an onboard control panel with thermostat and mechanical timer integrated into the base of the heater, for convenient control in-room without leaving the comfort of the Sauna.



- 8.0KW Sense Sport Sauna Heater
- For Rooms up 420 Cubic Feet in volume
- Size: 18"W x 17"H x 12.5"D - Mfr. Warranty 5yrs Residential/1yr Commercial
- Weight: 26LBS (heater only)


What's Included

- 8.0KW Sauna Heater w/ built in aromatherapy oil dispenser
- Full load of Sauna rocks
- Installation manual & instructions


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