Tylo Sense Elite U8
Tylo Sense Elite U8

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Tylo Sense Elite is the newest addition to the Sense range of sauna heaters. It is fitted with a number of smart and patented features and makes a perfect choice for energy efficient sauna bathing. Elite control panel with Wifi connectivity for maximum advantage and comfort is included. 

Featuring a built-in aromatherapy oil dispenser, the Sense Elite offers the most value in it's segment beyond a shadow of a doubt, when coupled with it's 5-year residential warranty and cool-touch exterior finish, unique to the Tylo brand.


8.3KW Sense Plus Sport Sauna Heater

Includes Tylo Elite Control (App Controlled)

Sauna Rocks Included

For Rooms up 175-440 Cubic Feet in volume

22"H x 17"W x 13¼"D

Mfr. Warranty 5yrs Residential/1yr Commercial

Weight: 26LBS (heater only)


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