Scandia TREND Modular Sauna Pre-Built Sauna Kit |
The Trend Modular Sauna is the most advanced portable sauna on the market. This is much more than your typical wooden box.

  • Cutting Edge Portable Sauna Technology
  • High-quality Craftsmanship
  • Modular Construction for Quick Installation
  • Full Frontal Glass with Carved Wooden Handle
  • Digital Controller (Wi-Fi Ready & Smartphone Compatible)
  • High-end Digital Lighting w/RGB Color Chromatherapy
  • Luxurious Feel, Fit, and Finish
  • Fully Customizable
  • Designed for Indoor Use - Move it Anywhere!
  • Available in 4 Sizes 
  • Ships in 8-10 Weeks

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Scandia TREND Modular Sauna



The Scandia TREND Modular Sauna is the most technologically advanced portable sauna in the world. By combining the finest materials available, superb-quality craftsmanship, and a unique proprietary design, we have created a sauna unit unlike anything else on the market today.

This is not your typical wooden box, nor the average pre-cut sauna. The TREND portable sauna was developed using a modular-style design consisting of 13 pieces, making it easy to assemble. This allows for easy mobility within a larger space and requires little (or no) deconstruction when moving to your home's different room or area.

The TREND comes standard with a digital control panel that is Wi-Fi ready, full-frontal glass for a modern and sleek look, and is delivered to you in a secure crated container. There are endless customization options, and both the design and experience are truly one-of-a-kind.



Available in 5ft widths with 4ft to 7ft depths. All sizes stand 7ft high. 


Turn it on from anywhere with Scandia's brand new SmartSauna App! Whether you're finishing dinner or on your way home from work, you can power up your portable sauna remotely via our proprietary technology.

While Scandia Manufacturing provides step-by-step installation instructions for the TREND Portable Sauna, we at are available for help throughout the ordering process, eliminating the guesswork and headaches associated with building a sauna.

Impeccable Design, exceptional quality, the latest in portable sauna technology, and easy assembly!


The Scandia TREND Modular Sauna  features an unstained exterior, which allows you to completely customize your exterior with the wood stain finish of your preference.