Himalayan Salt Wall Brick


Vendor: Scandia Manufacturing SKU: G1-W7UN-GSW5


Mined from the caves at the base of the Himalayan Mountains, our Himalayan Salt bricks are hand selected and cut to our specific brick dimensions. These Himalayan Salt bricks are each approximately 6" tall by 8" wide by 1" thick. The size of our bricks are ideal for mounting to walls as they provide ample coverage without adding additional weight/unnecessary thickness. Our bricks are also ideal for cooking, serving, grilling and/or chilling meats, vegetables, cheeses and desserts. Himalayan Salt bricks also contain 84 trace minerals and negative ions. The 84 trace minerals are absorbed through the skin in a sauna environment using heat and/or can be ingested directly when the bricks are used to cook, grill and/or serve food items.


100% Natural Himalayan Pink Salt Brick

By using our salt bricks, you can transform any space to an experience

Himalayan salt Blocks can be placed on top of your stove or BBQ grill for cooking your favorite foods. *WE DO NOT recommended for oven use*

Use these salt bricks to transform any room into an experience

Dimensions: 6"x8"x1"