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Classic Barrel Sauna Kit

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The barrel sauna concept does not only enhance your backyard but your health. Our barrel sauna kits are easy to assemble, incredibly practical, and beautiful sauna rooms that provide a unique look and outdoor living experience.


Classic Barrel Sauna Kit by Scandia


Barrel saunas are the ultimate ingenious design in the sauna industry. From a structural point of view, their cylindrical shape circulates the heat upside down. These outdoor barrel saunas are a great way to add a touch of uniqueness to your backyard design.

The barrel shape of the Classic Barrel Sauna Kit is the ultimate form for any sauna, as they perform great in colder climates and contain less space to be heated when compared to regular outdoor saunas. It's cylindrical shape allows for continuous air circulation. Since Covid19, this outdoor sauna has become very popular.

Besides its unique design, this Classic Barrel Sauna Kit combines technology with elegance as it features a full glass door and a WiFi heater controller.   

Specifications of the Scandia Classic Barrel Sauna

  • Range in size, from 72"W x 47"D x 77"H to 84"W x 96"D x 77"H
  • Sized to fit: 2 person sauna up to 8 person sauna available
  • Upgrade with a Gas Sauna Heater or Propane Sauna Heater. All barrel sauna kits include our proprietary Wi-Fi sauna heater controller for convenience and ease of use.