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Harvia Sauna Pillow

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Harvia Grey Sauna Pillow

Imported from Finland's premier Sauna products developer Harvia Oy, these pillows provide headrest relief for those of us tired of using the usually hard, wooden headrests. Washable and designed to withstand the rigors of consistent Sauna use, made of linen & cotton.


The dimensions of this pillow (16.5" x 8") allow for ample coverage of the wooden headrest, so your head and neck can rest and enjoy a unique sauna experience at the same time. The padding of this pillow is strong enough to support the weight of your head without ever touching the sauna hardwood.


This sauna pillow will provide the utmost comfort without altering the style of your sauna. The grey color will perfectly match the color of the wood in your sauna, while the fineness and design will give your sauna a touch of luxury.
Heat and constant sweating put the hygiene of your sauna pillow to the test, that's why the Harvia Tan is completely washable, so you always have a clean and bacteria-free pillow.

Only the best blend of linen and cotton is used for this sauna pillow, two materials that resist very well the heat and humidity of the sauna and, above all, are very breathable, to always give you a feeling of freshness on your skin.


  • Dimensions: 16.5"W x 8"H
  • Color: Grey
  • Washable and designed to withstand the rigors of consistent sauna use
  • Made of linen & cotton