Sauna Fountain - Small, Single Stream


Vendor: SKU: 11021


Humidify the air and create a unique sauna environment by adding a fountain to your sauna heater - Catalina Soapstone fountains are available in 3 sizes, with 1 or 3 water pillars. Aromas can be added to the water for personalized relaxation and enjoyment. Fountains fit in all heaters except AF and JM (Harvia) models, and are fairly universal to most any heater with a rock-filled heater cavity.

Be sure to select your favorite Aromatherapy Oils for use with your new Dispenser.



Sauna Fountain - Mounts in your Heater's Rock Tray


What's Included

- Soapstone Bowl
- 1 Ounce Capacity
- 3 1/8" x 2" x 1/4" in Size
- Installation Instructions