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Rento Pisara Sauna Bucket & Ladle Biocomposite

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Rento Pisara White Biocomposite Sauna Bucket & Ladle Combo. Made from ecological biocomposite. Recyclable. Made in Finland.

The clear-lined and Scandinavian design of the relaxed Pisara sauna utensils is the result of purely Finnish work. The drops are made entirely of a domestic biocomposite, UPM Forms *. The durable and pleasant-feeling natural fiber composite is an excellent
material for the heat and humidity of the sauna.

* UPM Formi, renewable pulp fiber, and pure plastic. Recyclable, combustible for energy. Material made in Finland.


23 x 38cm
Ecological biocomposite.
Material and products made in Finland.



If well-groomed, your sauna utensils will remain beautiful for a long time. Drain the bulb from the water after taking a sauna.
Do not leave dishes in a hot and humid sauna. If necessary, clean the surfaces with mild soapy water, a soft sponge, or a brush.