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Catalina Modular saunas are an upgraded version of the Avalon series, featuring 3 exterior walls of cedar and one of rough sawn mahogany. Ranging in sizes from Ranging in size from: 36D" x 48W" x 78H" to 96"D x 120"W x 84"H


Portable Sauna by Catalina - 2 Person Sauna up to 8 Person Sauna

At Saunas.com, you can find an amazing collection of Portable saunas! The Catalina Portable Sauna is an upgraded version of the Avalon series.

Catalina Portable Saunas are the perfect home sauna for just about any space.  Enjoy all of the sauna health benefits from the comforts of your home with your very own personal home sauna by Catalina.

The Catalina Portable Sauna Kit is available as a full cedar sauna with mahogany plywood ceiling material.  This indoor sauna kit includes, a sauna door with sauna window, sand timer with other accessories as well as the Catalina sauna heater.


Portable Sauna for 8 People Specifications

Portable Saunas are free-standing personal saunas and require no pre-construction. They can be placed on a level surface made of concrete or tile. All dimensions represent OUTSIDE dimensions.  This sauna is designed as an indoor sauna unit.


Sizes available for 2 Person Sauna up to 8 Person Sauna (Depending on Model)


Ranging in size: 84"D x 120"W x 84"Hto 120"D x 144"W x 86"H


  • Exterior Modular Panels with locking system
  • Exterior walls: (3) Western Red Cedar walls and (1) Mahogany Plywood
  • Ceiling panels that lock into place
  • Interior 1” x 4” Western Red Cedar Boards for walls and ceiling (Vertical Installation)
  • 2” x 2” Western Red Cedar Benchtops
  • Matching Trim for Ceiling
  • Standard with Catalina K10-K15G Sauna Heater w/External Controls
  • Pre-Hung 24" x 80" Douglas Fir Sauna Door w/ 16" x 60" sauna window
  • 3-Slat Backrests for Upper Benches
  • Cedar Headrests
  • Cedar Bench Skirt between Bottom & Top Benches
  • Tan Superdek Sauna Floor Mats for Walking Area (Does not cover under benches)
  • Cedar Vent– Upper Vent (Lower vent is cut into 2” x 4” wood base)
  • Shell Style Wall Light and Light Switch
  • Sand Timer
  • Deluxe Wall Thermometer/Hygrometer
  • Copper Sauna Bucket and Copper Ladle
  • Hardware for Assembly

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Catalina Indoor Portable Sauna for 8 People is available now with FREE shipping only at Saunas.com

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