Polar PB Modular Indoor 8+ Person Sauna Room Kits
Polar PB Modular Indoor 8+ Person Sauna Room KitsPolar PB Modular Indoor 8+ Person Sauna Room Kits



At Saunas.com, you can easily find an amazing collection of Polar Modular saunas that are a perfect option if you're looking for a full Cedar sauna with upgraded accessories.


    Rooms must be prepared ahead of sauna installation, including studding, insulation, and plywood for attaching paneling


    Sized to fit 8+ People (Depending on Model)

    Ranging in size from: 96"D x 120"W x 84"H

    Modular Western Red Cedar panels for interior and exterior

    Western Red Cedar Benches

    Standard with Polar Heater with Built In Controls

    Douglas Fir Door w/ glass vision panel or upgrade to Full Glass Door

    Backrests for Upper Benches


    Cedar Duck Board Flooring for Walking Area (Does not cover under benches)

    Foil Vapor Barrier

    Wall Light


    Stainless-Steel Bucket and Stainless-Steel Ladle

    Hardware for Assembly

    Call 1-888-503-8157 for Custom Orders


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