Polar Modular saunas are a perfect option if you're looking for a Full Cedar sauna with upgraded accessories. Ranging in sizes from Ranging in size from: 48D" x 60W" x 84H" to 96"D x 120"W x 84"H



At Saunas.com, you can easily find an amazing collection of Polar Modular saunas that are a perfect option if you're looking for a full Cedar sauna with upgraded accessories.


    Modular Saunas are free-standing units and require no pre-construction. They can be placed on a level surface made of concrete or tile. All dimensions represent OUTSIDE dimensions.

    Sized to fit 8+ People

    Available Size: 96"D x 120"W x 84"H

    • Modular Western Red Cedar panels for interior and exterior
    • Western Red Cedar Benches
    • Standard with Polar HMR Heater  with Built-In Controls
    • Douglas Fir Door w/ glass vision panel or upgrade to Full Glass Door
    • Backrests for Upper Benches
    • Headrests
    • Cedar Duckboard Flooring for Walking Area (Does not cover under benches)
    • Foil Vapor Barrier
    • Wall Light
    • Thermometer
    • Stainless-Steel Bucket and Stainless-Steel Ladle
    • Hardware for Assembly

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