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Sun Valley Salt

Himalayan Salt Sconce

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The Himalayan salt sconce is a fantastic sauna accessory made from precious Himalayan pink salt in a Black Walnut frame. 



  • Cleans the air 
  • Deodorizing effect 
  • Reduces stress 
  • Increases your energy 
  • Reduces static electricity in the air 
  • Eco friendly 
  • Releases negative ions


Himalayan salt sconce dimensions

Dimensions: 10"L x 12"H x 7"D.

These dimensions allow you to mount it almost anywhere you want. You can mount it in any room of your home,sauna or office. 



The union of wood with Himalayan pink salt makes this Himalayan salt sconce an actual work of art. The hands of the best artisans in the USA created this outstanding product to make your sauna and wellness experience even more incredible. 

How to install

  1. Locate a nearby plug from which the electrical installation will be derived to power the salt sconce; in the same way, you must consider which wall the switch will be located.
  2. Before installing the sauna wall cladding, drill the number of holes needed depending on the size of your sconce; each hole should be 3". For example, if your sconce measures 10''L x 12''H x 7''D, you will only need to drill one hole. Before performing this step, it is recommended to check the construction plans.
  3. De-energize the area where you will be making the electrical modifications.
  4. Install for your building and make sure there is enough extra wire to connect the J-Box comfortably. Before carrying out this step, it is recommended to request the help of a professional electrical technician.
  5. Double-check that all screws are tight, no loose wires, and connections are sealed.
  6. Continue installing the sauna walls, do not put boards over the installation hole.
  7. Place the J-Box and the excess cable in the hole and push the spotlight until it covers the hole; it is essential that the wiring is completely hidden.
  8. With the help of another person, present the sconce in what will be its final place. Use a level to make sure it's oriented correctly.
  9. Mark the edges of the supports with a pencil.
  10. Drill only one hole for the sconce against the wall; always remember to make sure that the piece is well oriented, then drill a hole on the opposite side so that the diagonal remains.
  11. Put the other two screws.
  12. Re-energize the area and turn on the sconce light.
  13. Enjoy the beautiful ambiance created by Himalayan salt lighting.


Natural light. 

Create a natural atmosphere of pure relaxation with a dimmable and rotatable, recessed warm white light. Remember that for the recessed light to be dimmable; it will be necessary to connect it to a dimmer switch. 


Halo-generative therapy 

‌Halotherapy, commonly known as salt therapy, involves breathing tiny salt particles to improve breathing. It is used for treating lung conditions such as bronchitis, asthma, and cough. 

It is often done in salt saunas or salt rooms. Salt therapy is also a great relaxation aid and helps with allergies and skin conditions. 

Tips for use 

We advise you to use this product in a relaxing environment and a warm light of low intensity to enjoy its benefits fully and create a perfect atmosphere. It is not recommended to use scorching lamps as they could damage the salt block more quickly. 


Warranty requires customer acknowledgment when purchasing ANY Himalayan Salt products. These products can't be purchased without the customer acknowledgment form being filled out. Himalayan salt products may show irregular colors, patterns, and edge shapes. takes no responsibility for refunding orders or sending replacements due to irregular salt-brick shapes in the salt sconce. 


Due to the high demand for our hand-made products, you can expect a 4-8 week shipping lead time.