Hemlock Ergonomic Curved Backrest (Movable) for Saunas 9263-190


Vendor: Polar SKU: 9263-190


Polar Hemlock Ergonomic Curved Backrest (Movable)

Dimensions: 16" x� W x 26 1/2" x� L

Hemlock Rails/Slats: 1-1/2" x� x 3/4" x�, 1/2" x 1" x�



Hemlock Ergonomic Curved Backrest (Movable)

Constructed with solid hemlock rails, 1-1/2" x� x 3/4" x�, and hemlock 1/2" x 1" x� slats inset into the rails, this 26-1/2" x� high x 16" x� wide is a luxurious must for any serious sauna bather. The ergonomically designed backrest has a gentle curve designed to perfectly follow the curvature of the spine to eliminate fatigue and discomfort and provide for maximum relaxation in the sauna environment. Genuine leather straps on top and bottom of the rails allows the user to position the backrest from bench to wall in virtually any level without concern of slippage.


What's Included

Hemlock Ergonomic Curved Backrest (Movable)