Hanko Premium Billiard Balls


Vendor: Amerec SKU: NG2545


Quality Hanko features include: "16 regulation size 2 Ãâ x‚¬šÃ x€šÂ x¼" x� billiard balls "Crafted from blended poly-resin "Each ball precision engineered for perfect roundness "Calibrated for weight "Calibrated for color "Set includes seven striped balls and seven solid colored balls "White cue ball and black eight ball included "Dual protection packaging àx¢Ã x¢â x‚¬šÂ x¬Ã x¢â x€š x¬Å x€œ guarantees safe delivery to your home "Ships UPS



The premium true roll Billiard balls combine quality materials and precision engineering to create a durable, perfectly weighted and round ball that plays excellent!


What's Included

Box, 16 Regulation 2.25" Billiard Balls, High-Poly Resin, Fully Calibrated