Scandia's Hand Finished Sauna saunas provide a unique and aesthetically pleasing design to your sauna. Choose between a White or Black Sauna Stain. Ranging in size from:  36D" x 48W" x 84H" to 132"D x 132"W x 84"H

Rooms must be prepared ahead of sauna installation, including studding, insulation, and plywood for attaching paneling



As a permanent fixture or addition to your home, Scandia's Hand Finished Pre-Cut kits are a great option for anyone who wants to set their sauna apart from the rest. Hand Finished saunas provide a unique and aesthetically pleasing design to your sauna.

Benefits of a Hand Finished Sauna
These Hand Finished Saunas are sure to stand out in any setting. A stained sauna will provide a completely different feel to your sauna experience. Scandia has combined it’s 50+ years of experience with high-end architects, builders and designers to create their very own line of Hand Finished saunas. They use a water based protective wax that is quick drying, highly durable and absorbs into the wood forming a dirt resistant surface. Choose between an Ivory White or Black stain, to achieve the sauna of your dreams.

    Rooms must be prepared ahead of sauna installation, including studding, insulation, and 3/4" plywood for attaching paneling


    Sized to fit 4-8 People (Depending on Model)

    Ranging in size: 48"D x 84"W x 84"H to 96"D x 96"W x 84"H

    Standard with two-tier benching on one wall & single-tier bench on the other wall (depending on size)


    Call 1-888-503-8157 for Custom Orders

    Custom Orders Available
    Standard with Euro-Trim design. Euro-trim design enables lower boards to be removed/replaced without having to replace entire wall. "Full-Length"  boards available for an extra 10% charge (available up to 84" in length). 

    If you list your dimensions when submitting the order, the boards can be cut to your specific size, but the price will round up to the nearest 6" list price. 
    Heater Sizing
    48"D x 84"W x 84"H: 4.5KW
    48"D x 96"W x 84"H to 72"D x 84"W x 84"H: 6KW
    72"D x 96"W x 84"H to 96"D x 96"W x 84"H: 7.5KW